Anybody like to share whit me theSFIV costumes?

Hi Guy’s

I can tell you my story, i live in Mexico, Mexico City, and i have a account in PSN Mexico, PSN Mexico also have a store, but the problem is to get the prepaid cards, the prepaid cards i dont know where to buy it, i see at Wal-Mart and other Video Game stores and any can handle that cards, the guy’s to have the cards, sell the cards very very over priced, for example a 20$ card this guys sold at 30 ~ 35$ same for 50$ cards, in fact is a steal, if i forgot to mention PSN Mexico dont have the option to pay by credit card.

The reason to this post is for a request the costume packs for the original SFIV, i know this costume packs are very cheap now, but to have the costumes im forced to purchase the card whit the problem explained above.

My intention is not have the costumes whitout paying any $, if you want or whish, i will paypal to you some money if you are intersted to share your costumes whit me.

Send me a PM

And have a nice day!

Its shady to trust someone over the internet.

Its even shadier when the person you have to trust lives in Mexico. You all have low standards on what is acceptable in drinking water, and what is acceptable in business transactions.


I dont understand clearly your post, but anyway, im not request the costumes for free, i will paypal some money if anybody are interested to help me.

WTF??? Your comment are fully offside…

But here, in this forum, i will make some bussines in the past, after the present feedback system are working.

I make bussines whit the following people.

Starta = Tournament Edition Stick
Timoe = Custom Stick
Laugh = InPin Converter
tl613 = PSX Serie H controllers x 2
DreamTR = Ascii DC Stick

And i also have a nice ebay score

Have a nice day