Anybody listen to "artsy" music?


I’m looking for stuff to listen to, and one of my friends told me my playlists are “artsy music”

Stuff I’ve been listening to lately…

The Olivia Tremor Control
Apples in Stereo
The Eels
Regina Spektor
The Dresden Dolls
Blonde Redhead
Kimya Dawson / Moldy Peaches
Belle and Sebastian
Ida Maria
Joanna Newsom
The Cramps
Sonic Youth
ZZ Top
Duran Duran
A Flock of Seagulls
Pink Floyd
Explosions in the Sky
Clap your hands, Say Yeah
Arctic Monkeys

Any other suggestions?


How in the fuck is ZZ Top even considered artsy? Or maybe he was just looking at the list as a whole.


yeah, he was looking at the list as a whole… Danzig? Pink Floyd, Duran and Seagulls? yeah, they’re not exactly artsy…




i don’t know about artsy music but [media=youtube]jjrVg7eRHrc"[/media] is definitely a masterpiece.


Ohhh I haven’t listened to Opeth in a long time… I should do that again.

Monte, I like that song.


The Shins
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
TV On The Radio
Rogue Wave
Shugo Tokumaru
Franz Ferdinand
Modest Mouse
Bloc Party
Belle & Sebastion
The Strokes
Hockey Night
The Weakerthans
The Unicorns
Kings of Leon
The Smiths
Gang of Four
Joy Division
Vampire Weekend
Fleet Foxes
Sufjan Stevens

Just go to and then kill yourself because you’re now a pretentious indie faggot.

I don’t know what your friend means by “artsy,” but whatever.


The Shins - used to like them
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - still listen them (and it’s on my list)
TV On The Radio
Rogue Wave
Shugo Tokumaru
Franz Ferdinand - love them
Modest Mouse - one of my faves
Radiohead - is my fave
Bloc Party
Belle & Sebastion - this is on my list
The Strokes - they fail.
Hockey Night
The Weakerthans - i like one album… and that’s about it.
The Unicorns - hate them
Kings of Leon - hate them
The Smiths
Gang of Four
Joy Division
Vampire Weekend - they’re decent
Fleet Foxes
Radiohead - you listed this twice…
Sufjan Stevens - good stuff, but meh…

i’ll check the rest out.


I just listed stuff that’s in my media player.

Also, fuck you, I love The Strokes.


alkaline trio and face to face seem pretty artsy to me.


alkaline trio is meh

and the strokes… i can’t get “last night” out of my head, and I can’t get passed that the singer dated Regina Spektor…


look up the band “why?” album “aloepecia”

they are intense.

I used to love radiohead, then I went to a psychiatrist because I attempted suicide, now i dont listen to them anymore. Its funny because its true. They are good, but you better be bleak as fuck, think you have no control over society, think the world is coming to an end in the form of climate change, blah blah blah. Im over them.

edit: whoa i forgot to mention “the arcade fire” their first lp is crazy intense shit. What music should be. Their second “neon bible” had its good and its bad.


I was very upset that had the radiohead discography for $35


the only one from that list that is “artsy”(I think, idk) that I can say I’ve listened to on my own free will is Portishead. I kinda like things like ZZ Top and Danzig, but yeah, high artistic prowess they are not.


I don’t know… I always kinda thought Neutral Milk Hotel when I thought of artsy music… but I suppose anything remotely indie, 80’s or old in general is “artsy” nowadays.

kinda gay classification.


Oh yeah, I forgot about The Arcade Fire, and I guess Broken Social Scene is pretty “artsy.”


That’s kind of interesting.

Radiohead never really made me depressed until Kid A came out, and since then it hasn’t been the same. Critics nut over their stuff lately, but I see them as oh so generic.


Broken Social Scene is pretty alright.

So far, I’ve put in to download at least a few tracks by each of the suggested so far…

current playlist looks like…

Buddy Holly
Cat Power
The Cramps
Explosions in the Sky
Ida Maria
Lou Reed
Matt the Hoople
No Age
Sonic Youth
Vampire Weekend

weird mix…

and Dasrik, I think like many bands, after the early 2000’s, it’s just meh… In Rainbows was less than spectacular… but I still love them.


do make say think

and i second modest mouse, they’re fucking dope
surprised nobodys mentioned animal collective, they’re blowing up


tortoise is kinda jazzy. I like it.