Anybody living in SoCal going to NCR please read. Need help

Hey everyone. My name is Jory. I’m a Marine who has just been recently been getting into the FGC and has already went to SCR this year.

I’m just looking for some way to get to NCR since I can’t drive because I have no car and it would take me hours to get to NCR off of a train (14 hours actually) which conflicts with my military schedule. Ever since SCR i’ve been getting a little closer to getting some recognition. The closest thing being, I’m actually one of the mods for Filipino Champ’s stream on FGTVLIVE now. I want to just experience the atmosphere again and possibly get some connections on tips for getting better at these games. Ive been playing fighters since I was around five, but never knew there was such a competitive crowd for it until i went SCR.

I live on the base (Camp Pendleton) & I’m looking for anybody who would be willing to give me a ride up to the tournament on the 26th-28th. To anybody going to NCR who could help me, I can pay for gas, my room and any other necessary expenses that may be needed (food, merchandise, etc). Message me or respond in this thread. Thanks.

Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes. Which I know I did on the first sentence.