Anybody makes "custom" boxes for HAPP sticks?


before sending me a whole bunch of links to people who make “custom” boxes, I’m wondering if anyone makes a custom box to MY specifications?

For example, I want my box to be a traditional USA Happ/IL stick + 6 button layout.

my dimensions for the Joystick is:

14-15"x 9-10" (LxW)
4" in the back
3" in the front (1" slant)

I also want soft edges… I know this sounds simplistic, but do anybody know who can make this box? Additionally, I’m located in the L.A. area, any help would be appreciated!!!



I make custom sticks, feel free to browse my site, it’s on my sig.


Do you make it to our specifications? I wanna go with, as he has incredible pricing, but his dimensions aren’t exactly what I want…


No, sorry i don’t. My bad.


Derkoi, you’re in the UK? (as noted by your profile) I guess it’s just difficult to find people who would make boxes… most everyone just make a template for low profile sticks (which is cool, but doesn’t work on HAPP’s)

What I really want is a viewlix type box, or in its most simplistic form, a 14x10 with a 1" slant (4" in the back, 3" in the front). I also wanna add my own top panel and plexi (I can drill, just can’t make the boxes)


I make custom boxes aswell … though not to customer specs… have templates for 9x14 box…


check out the Customcades that modchipman sells. I just got mine in the mail and fits my happ super and my happ competition buttons. But the side buttons might need a bit of adjustment as they are too small but drilling them out isn’t so bad.

You also can’t beat his prices or speed. I ordered mine on saturday and got it thursday. That’s with the omega cheap ghetto shipping. A few bucks more and I could’ve had it in 3 days.