Anybody name their stick/pad?

A lot of ppeople mod or build their fightsticks (or pads), but has anyone given theirs a name?


Project: International Slumber aka I.S.

Project TwinTail (technically not mine, but I named it anyway)

No, that’s silly.

I do spank them though.

my stick’s name is Hori Real Arcade pro ver.3

If you’re talking abouy the stick between my legs i call it ‘half-white half-asain’ :frowning:

My fun stick

Ghetto Ass Fightstick


You Fucking Piece of Crap.

White Foe Hammer Case Stick: Gundam Stick (art is Gundam themed)
Tri-modded Agetec: The Green Goblin
Modded Hori - EX: Hrap - EX Twin Stick Edtion
Modded Chun LI TE-S: Sapphire
Modded Sega HSS-0136 Virtua Stick: Sega Shump stick

I name them according to artwork so I have:
Bitches-TEs with all the bitches from UMvC3
Bison-Chun Li TE with ”Tron Bison” artwork
Sora-T5 HRAP with Sora from Kingdom hearts
Chun Li-stock Chun Li TE

I haven’t named my b15 or my fightstick PRO yet since the b15 is an 80s tribute, and my Pro is artless as of yet

Black Mamba! :smiley:

Double-sticks = custom wide 2-player stick with Capcom vs SNK 2 artwork

Hitomi-stick = custom DoA Hitomi theme

Xenosaga-stick = custom with KOS-MOS and T-ELOS theme

Neptune-stick = custom with Choujigen Game Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) theme

Intec-stick = Intec Combat Stick with God Eater theme

Tatsunoko-stick = temporary name for my modded Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick until I change the artwork

The only time you ever wish you got the shaft :frowning:

“Useless piece of shit”

People that name things scare me. I have Namco, HSS-0130, Naomi.

I don’t name my sticks, but I think of my Comic-Con TE as a delicious creamsicle. :slight_smile:

El Guapo:

El Jeffe

I name my sticks by price and so far none has the same price.

Speaking of which, would you say that we have a plethora of stick names in this thread?

I gotta Hori RAP VX, a Mad Catz TE, and a Qanba Q3. The Three Amigos!