Anybody need one more person in their room?

i really want to go to evo this year but i don’t have anybody i’m staying with yet. the past 2 years the people i have stayed with aren’t going, so i need to figure out who i’m staying with before i book a plane ticket.

i’ll obviously split costs fairly and up front and all that good stuff, i was just wondering if somebody has one more spot in their room. i play cvs2 mostly, with a little bit of 3S and mvc2.


Hey, we need one more person. You’re more than welcome to stay with us.

awesome! who all is staying in your room and what games do you guys play?

Me, Boleslaw, and Gwrygyn Blood. We play pretty much everything, although Dan and I are really only any good at GG and Boleslaw sucks at everything. We also play 3S and ST.

Hey, popo. Me, Moosehummel, and another friend of ours are going to Evo. We may be needing more people. We’re all best at CvS2. And we like to play 3S, ST, low tier Marvel, and some A3.

Yes and 4 people is nice size for a room very cheap and robin excalibur 100 dollar nl buy in :)…thats gonna be hott really want to try even if i lose at cvs2 might win poker :0 :clap:

hey you’re actually better off staying with me, nam, viscant and all the riverside people since we play cvs2 better than all these fools and we’ll probably have a setup or two running the entire time… If you want to room with us just go post in RICO SUMMER THREAD in pacsouth and we’ll hammer out the details. Basically we’re packing the room so it’ll be dirt cheap and we’ll be in the evo hotel so there should be lots of casual games around.

Funny. I don’t recall any of us ever playing you, UCRollerblader. So, i’m not exactly sure where you’re getting that information. K, Thx.

2/3 5 bucks… i’m sure all the other riverside people will take you on too… free 20 bucks just between me viscant albert and nam

EDIT: Maybe it would be funnier if we played a honey match for popoblo. Winner gets him in his room.

i wonder if i can change the topic of the thread to “who wants to pay me to be in their room?” i kid, i kid.

but when you say that you’re packing people into the room, how many are you talking?

i really do appreciate all the room offers though. so renegade, there will be 4 people in your room right?

Lol. I’d be glad to play you UCR. Not saying I’d win, but I just don’t really enjoy unsolicited smack talk. :slight_smile: No harm though. I’m not the best in our group, though. The tourney winner is Moose.

PPB, yeah, we’re aiming for 4 people, we have 3, and no more than 6.

I like to sleep in a bed on my vacation.

Lol robin i’ll bring the colonel, masterpiece and the tank to play u can bet on me i’ll win u some money for the buffets…yet popoblo plus im from kentucky; louisville though so i’m a cardinal fan :). were all in or around the age of 21-23 too so we have something in common. if u come will have 4 to a room and a place to sleep.

yes these are all good arguments… but i’m fucking sexy!

that sir, we’re gonna have to bet on. My beer belly is top tier. :clap:

To anyone and everyone…

I need rooming possibly… dunno yet completely. I play CvS2… and try to not suck at Reload. Play T5 some. I can throw fireballs in ST, and triangle jump and hope to win w/ MSP.

Directed to Virginia guys…

And I just moved to Alexandria like a month ago… yea… there is no fucking CvS2 anywhere.

Cheese master, yeah, we’re pretty much the only CvS2 in VA, but there’s David Fennell (Sparatik) and Pat Van Pelt Umthrfkr, up in Nova who play. In MD there are players, Jody (blazeup), James Paige (BmoreChun), and Jason Harding (Rugal B). They are all good players worthy of competition. But. yeah. if you need room stuff. IM me, my AIM name is Hydraburnt

I may have an extra spot in my room (for 4 guys), but nothing is concrete yet. Probably would be some 3s and CvS2 going on, but most likely the room would be a chill safe haven, instead of a crazy 24/7 fest like everywhere else. (If we want that, we’ll hit up somebody elses room ; ) )

amen to that, i hate not being able to sleep in my room because people want to keep on playing games and be loud with the lights on til 5 am.

have you guys booked your room FOR SURE already?

i guess my 2 biggest things i’d like to have in the room i stay in would be that the room is good at cvs2 and isn’t hella over-crowded with people sleeping under hotel sinks and in the bathroom (yes, that was my room at MWC last year). in my mind, it’s not worth saving an extra $20-$50 for the whole weekend to put too many people in a room where you can’t find a comfortable place to SLEEP. that’s why TS5 was so nice, we’d chill in other people’s rooms and play games, but when we were tired, we went to our room to sleep and sleep only.

that’s my rant though, i’ll talk to you on aim renegade.

room area

Hey Renegade and I are good and patrick who is in our crew isn’t bad. I have beat some quality players and should have beat ratio1beatdown last time we played. I’m sure u will enjoy the competition we bring. He is about to book his room. You can talk to me to i’m Moose. My AIM is GUILLMOOSE

that’s my rant though, i’ll talk to you on aim renegade.

actually there is. just pm me your number and ill call you when it happens.