Anybody need / want a roommate?

MEMEME :slight_smile:


Mixah, wtf are you starting a thread for this shit? You know you already have a spot in my room.

I’ll probably do like last time…get a room by myself.

Word Valaris.

I need roommates ! ; ;

Tsukihimeblood/Mixah/Valaris/Stuart Hayden

09 baby doin’ it big!

Sounds insane. I’m diggin it.

i didnt happen to stumble in your room drunk last year demanding sex matches in cvs2 did I?

was either you or Mizuki… lol

You sure did. Buttsecks money matches. It’s because our rooms were adjoined.

I would be totally down to room with you guys valaris and stuart if you arent full already or have plans already. you guys are fun :3 !

And yes Nam came in drunk wanting sex matches. i lost but ran it back and won it with my clutch Bison :slight_smile: !

Sup Dios, so far there’s 5 of us in the room if you come in. I personally don’t mind (as long as I get a bed, it’s my rule since it’s my credit card used :P) but we’ll see closer to Evo, we still got 6 months.
But for now I’m still not 100% sure if my girlfriend is unable to go. If by some miracle she can make it, I’ll be alone with her in the room.

i’d room wit ya bro.

Alright so right now I have:
and Shododan if you want in.
Basically we could just split people into 2 rooms if someone else can use their credit card.
If worse comes to worst I can put my card down for both rooms (giving us the possibility of adjoining rooms) but I say this as a last resort, I don’t want to but I will if need be.

So excited for this!

Three to a room? Shit, that could work… get rooms next to each other FTW.

I might need a roomate since ill be going by myself

Yeah man if we get seperate rooms or if you get a room with your girl and its us 4 or 5 without you Valaris, ill just throw my CC down and book the room.

after talking to my dad about it i’m not 100% sure i’d be able to go :frowning:

i’ll hit you up within a week or two valaris to let you know what is good.

No problem. Take your time. We still have 6 months before Evo.
Whether you’re in or not we have just enough people for 2 rooms.

By the way there is a very very low chance of my girlfriend coming that weekend. She’s working that weekend and has a week of vacation before (she’ll be busy having tea with the Queen of England.) I doubt she can make the time sadly,

Dios and Val just let me know a bit ahead of time when you want the money for the hotel, this is going to be a blast.