Anybody play KOF12 on 360 yet?

Care to share a review? How’s the online play?

Nope, no one has, it’s a conspiracy!

yeah its alright…but ill be playing dat mahvel tomorrow so kof is gonna take a backseat for some months.

Head to the Kof subsection for the nitty gritty. You can also read my impressions on Expect a more detailed analysis there soon.

It’s worth getting if your a fan of KOF and have some friends who play it too, but so far the online sucks :frowning: unplayable. They plan on patching it up so hopefulle it will fix the netcode to where it’s actually playable.

Yea I got my hands on it for a fighting game it’s not bad online sucks i like it but it will take a backseat to marvel

Basically. You’d think that they would be smart about when the release their product. Right before mvc2? Not smart at all.

Other way around, SNK has planned this for a while, it was Capcom who made the last date pick.

Yeah Capcom WIN!!!