Anybody play Vice at all................?



Just wondering…

Vice has always been a fav character of mine. She’s a grappler, and has some good zoning techniques. I am of no use against shotos and chargers.

Any strats on her that I should know about, and which groove is she best on?


Edit: Here are the links:


use k with her. at least i do. i can rape most of my friends with her. after a knockdown, use short hop to cross up and use her kick super. it’s a really nice tactic. try not to abuse it though. it gets old pretty quick. sigh. she’s so fun to play. it’s a shame she has sooooo many weaknesses.


She only has 3 weaknesses:

  1. her standing fierce is garbage outside of customs
    2)she can’t buffer any of her specials off of or
    3)She has low vitality

other than that she’s pretty solid with rc’s. just make sure u use her and to poke


i’m surprised you’d say that. i can see how in theory her rc’s are effective. in practice i think it’s something else. then again, most people who use vice suck. i’ve faced very few good vice players. and those that did use her played her in a and spent all day turtling and rc’ing her specials trying to set up a custom. the bottom line was, it was crap. it was too predictable and it seemed the strat was just to retaliate and activate.

i play her on my team and i think she has a very high annoyance factor. in k, her grab supers are soooo easy to land on the majority of characters. getting in can be difficult, but it only takes one sweep to start the madness.

what groove would you say she excels in?


i play vice in A.


I play C-Vice, she’s real good and has alot of grab set-ups. She has a great B&B combo, it does like 3800+ after a cross-up (that’s more than Kyo/Yama does on there’s). Her punch super grab makes it scary to throw fireballs at her, and her kick super has the same range as Yamazaki, except it can’t be jumped from after the flash. She has good low short, grab and low short, combo mind games because most people except you to try to grab them, and her combos hurt. She has great AA’s (s.rh/c.fp/ lightning kicks) and RC’s (sleeves, grab, shoulder ram, kicks), the only thing about Vice is she really doesn’t have any moves that give frame advantage, they mostly leave her at - someting, except close s.fp and her light attacks. Her dash is extremely good, which lead to more throw/combos mind games, as well as hopping over bodies. Her close is a good meaty, so is her rh lightning kicks, both allow you to combo after. Her lightning kicks do massive guard, and are especially good against air block, cancel from a light attack or mp. The only down fall is the chip isn’t too good and it builds an ass load of meter for a blocking opponent. Her and c.rh is a good whiff punisher and her has an assload of priority. does the same amount of damage as her s.fp, which is good because it’s a fast attack. She’s extremely underrated.

  • I forgot to mention she has arguably one of the best cross-ups in the game


She can buffer from a close standing fierce, which is different from the standard “wind up…get ready…now I’m really gonna fierce you now” standing fierce

Close crouching fierce can be cancelled also, if I’m not mistaken.

I’ve been playing with Vice since the beginning of the CvS series, 1 and 2.

Edit: I’m trying to figure out any additional uses for her leaping super other than fireball retaliation (no one buys that anymore)…could it be used as some sort of unorthodox trip guard?


You can kinda use it like that as AA (like Birdie’s leaping super) but I’ve had little succes with it. I have gotten it to work sometimes though.

Also can be used against laggy laggy far moves. Sim limbs perhaps?


Use it when people start to jump in at u, time it so u collide with their body in mid air. Also i use it to make people jump away (especially in the corner) then u can do a c.fierce or AA sleeve


The other day I was messing around and I was able to tick a lvl 1 jumping super off a connected j.short, cr. short, cr. jab combo (N-Groove). Super flashed while Ken was in recoil from the crouching jab, and Vice landed and grabbed him just as he was returning to normal.

<theory fighter>

I don’t think there’s anything practical from that setup. First off, it was against a guy who didn’t really know what he was doing (he could’ve mashed jab). Secondly, if the first two hits connect, you can continue with another cr. jab, qcb+fierce, dp+k and I’m pretty sure you can get more damage that way. Plus, that bnb combo lets you corner the opponent or set up a followup crossup pretty easily

</theory fighter>


I’ve been trying her jump super after opponet’s wakeup, and after 45 tries, I still can’t hit it…

However, I’ve gotten better with her Negative Gain.


If you can land it, then more power to ya. Me, I wouldn’t waste my time, but that’s just me. In my opinion, jump super after wakeup is both risky and ineffective. Its invincibility runs out while Vice is still in the air, it can be countered in any groove.

ANK grooves: Quick getup + any attack while you’re still in the air.

C-groove: Delayed recovery, you whiff the grab, bye bye super bar.

Another reason why you’re missing so often: the grab is so quick to come out once you hit the ground that, unless your timing is perfect, chances are you’re going to whiff anyway.


The jump super has ONE grab frame. You get my applause if you manage to actually time the super as a meaty. Not to mention the opponent has about over three seconds to react when you do try something like that as well. :slight_smile:


This is a little over the top… not exactly guranteed…

But just doing some stuff in training, Ive found that at level 3 (I play K) that when opponent is in corner, add some mix up rush, like run Lk, Lk, run Jab, then run C. Mp then buffer that to Punch super. Block or hit it seems to connect.

EDIT: Can they uppercut afterwards?

Problem is that your opponent has to be in the corner… I rush down with my Vice but thats just me.

Guys, try it out real quick and let me know what happens.


It should be punishable with an uppercut move, if the priorites are the same for Vice as it was in CvS1. I used to do that a lot in CvS1, thinking I discovered a safe way to deliver that super by block-stunning them with cr. fierce or standing fierce (back then, Vice’s stand fierce was her CvS2 strong punch) and then super. But then I started getting countered with shoryuken-like attacks from other players… no matter if the fierce hit or not. I think even flash-kick-like moves can counter it as well.

It’s worse when you do a blocked poke string before doing the super. It seems to take away the opponent’s block stun immediately when you do that.

It’s a good trick to do once in a blue moon, but when someone knows they can counter with an uppercut or something similar to it, it becomes all too predictable. The pause you get when a super is activated gives the opponent ample time to counter.

Anyway, if it’s proven otherwise, I’d try using it more often. I have a hard enough time trying to learn how to rushdown effectively with Vice. This thread has been helping me a little, but I’m still learning how to be more aggressive playing her in a run groove.