Anybody played this guy yet?


this guy is seriously good, Im convinced he’s some pro player using a pseudunom

this guy was beasting he was something like 74 -6 when I left the lobby (4 of his losses were to me lol)

he mainly uses ken, ryu and balrog, but also uses guile too

an amazing player look out for him he’s like elite tier

this guy was causing multiple rage quits and was dishing out perfects

Isn’t it 123corkscublow? Like the Dudley move?

I played him yesterday (maybe the day before) and I’m only just trying to get into this game but he was clearly very good. I managed to get one win with Fei vs his Guile then he just got mad and started beasting everyone in the lobby with Ryu :rofl:

Glad he’s giving vets problems too though.

It’s SMQ. I’m amazed that none of you picked up on his play style.

He only played Guile the first time I suspected it, but I knew something was up because I can count the Guile players that cause me problems single handedly, and you don’t usually get quality players spring up out of nowhere.

Sound familiar?

That’s the easy part. The thing that’s confusing me is why the sudden interest in HDR? Didn’t he more or less abandon HDR to play Sagat Fighter IV?

I see what you did there… :slight_smile:

He’s smq??? Not too sure about that cos I have no problem handling smq’s ryu or ken but his balrog is a nightmare

this cork guy reminded me more of orf plus I had a pleasant conversation with him and as we all know it’s impossible for smq to be pleasant

you could be right tho, his balrog was similar to smq and he never chose guile against me but wud choose guile against other players…something smq did also do

It’s SMQ, trust me on this. I suspected as much what with how tight his execution was and his mind games were pretty good, something that you don’t see from random players. I’m not great, but I beat random guys that I’ve never seen before all the time, and suddenly this Guile player with great timing and execution comes out of nowhere giving me problems? I know when something was off.

My gut feeling was that it was SMQ. Sure enough I looked on his friend list and it said that SMQ was last online however many minutes ago. I messaged him presuming it was SMQ asking why he never uses his SMQ account and he replied with this:

If it was orf or someone, he probably would have said, “im not smq” or something, but the fact I presumed and got that answer, together with the characters he uses and his play style, is right on the money.

Also think about his favourite character, Boxer. Dudley is also a boxer, and his gamertag is the name of his move.

Detective Zero is on the case!!! Well done old chap!