Anybody remember the old Marvel Card Sets?

Published by Impel (later became Skybox)?

man, that first set was great, it was pretty much my introduction to the Marvel Universe…

the art was fantastic (and standard across the set), the information was very well-presented, and the stats were very cool!

then there were “Did You Know?” Tidbits at the bottom…

great cards…a friend of mine brought me his doubles (from the first set) yesterday to attempt to assemble a set, and now I’ve only got 2 cards to go to complete it! (X-Factor, and Kingpin, of all things).

If anybody has any doubles, please let me know!

anyway, I didn’t get as deeply into the second set, but I really regret that fact…because series 2 introduced cards that detailed weapons, such as the Infinity Gauntlet, Cap’s Shield, and Wolverine’s Claws…I’d LOVE to find a set of those!, but I don’t like the format change…the first set was perfect…

did anybody collect the DC set that came out at that time?, I’d love to see scans of all of THOSE (The only one I have is the Deathstroke Hologram).

Damn, I used to collect these over 10 years ago. The sets I have are:

  • X-men ('94 Fleer)
  • Marvel ('90 Impel)
  • Marvel ('91 Impel)
  • Marvel ('92 Impel)
  • Marvel ('93 Impel)
  • X-men series 2 ('93 Skybox)
  • Marvel Masterpieces ('92 Skybox)
  • Marvel Metal ('95 Fleer)

Lots of great artwork and information on them too. Absolutely loved the artwork of the Masterpiece series. And Im only missing a few of the hologram/special cards altogether. Probably 5 or so for all the series combined.

They were absolutely fantastic. The art direction on these sets is top notch, very nice, this could’ve been control art for any number of things, it was that clean and crisp.

The first set is just gorgeous…I wish they still did sets like this…

I had marvel series 1, 2, and 3.

Series 1 was a good start. Got me introduced to all sorts of characters that I had no idea about. holograms weren’t that great though. Also they didn’t have any power stats on the back.

Series 2 was excellent. GReat artwork. And power stats.

Series 3 wasn’t as good as 2. Art wasn’t as good.

I also had the MArvel MAsterpiece Series 1. Art by Joe Jusko. Excellent stuff.

we did get win/loss stats on the back of series one, and some of the power stats that came later were just way off.

I can’t remember any offhand, but some characters were hugely overpowered, and some were terribly underpowered.

What year is that set and I see will see what I have?

my comic shop has all of the sets complete and on display. Got a lot of offers for it but not sold so far.

Card collecting isn’t my thing, but I was going through them and the art is pretty nice.

That’d be 1990, the first set.

I wasted so much money on comic cards back in the day…

probably one of the reasons i quit comics altogether

I still have all of mine starting from series 1 to X-Men 2. My favorite is the first X-Men set. Beautiful art, cool hologram cards and I actually got one of the rare Jim Lee autographed cards.

I have all my cards locked in a binder and set into plastic sheets for easy viewing. I need to pull those out again.

Yeah I still have the entire Jim Lee X-Men card set, bound in a black binder in plastic sleeves so I can look at it whenever.

I went through quite a struggle finding that Hologram Gambit card when it was the last card I needed of the set, I luckily saw a kid trading it to a store for another card and then I bought it off the guy for five bucks but this is after buying packs and packs and PACKS of nothing but reruns…

After that I stopped buying cards with the intent of collecting the entire set… once you only need a few more cards to fill the set it becomes a pain in the neck to find them…

aww man, a buddy of mine has that set, and it’s great to see all that great Jim Lee art throughout.

good stuff! :D, my favorite iteration of the team!

Yup, I remember the days when I would buy the cards in packs. I had series 1 & 2 a long time ago, then I sold them off.

Coincidentally, I had a nostalgia kick about a year ago, went on ebay, and purchased the entire 1-3 set plus another set (4? I can’t remember, it’s sitting in storage right now) for about $60 bucks.

I only have the 92 XMen Impel set

I have the hologram cards that you got from sending in Chef Boyardee labels. AND the set of Spider-Man cards you got by buying Popsicles.

But yeah, I collected the hell outta Xmen and other various Marvel cards. Including the Marvel vs. DC cards, and Marvel’s short-lived Overpower CCG.

But yeah, the Marvel Masterpieces card set was one of the best looking things ever. The set from 1995 has a Deadpool card with seriously awesome art.

God knows how it worked, but my friends and I used to make a game out of the series two marvel cards, with the weapon cards being the ones that everybody would need to tip the scales in their favor. The ultimate nullifier was my favorite.

I have the first two marvel cards series full sets with my old comics locked up from my pre-high school comic collecting days. I have a few stacks of doubles.

I have the 1992 Masterpiece set. I still pull them out once in a while to marvel (no pun intended) at the artwork.