Anybody remember their 1st fighting game?

Well i was wondering what everyone else started out with in this genre.
Seems like a lot of players have fairly interesting stories, and i would like to hear if most were as unimpressive as mine. :rofl:

Well my first game was battle beast for PC. Windows 95 game, very low budget, very fun though and seemed balanced too hah.
Playing on a keyboard and whatnot, i could do a lot of moves and learned how to beast my brother with 2 or 3 guys in it. It actually inspired me to play the genre more, as nothing kicked more ass then watching some dog-bot shoot fireballs and lazers.

So what are your guys stories?

" “N” "W"ERKIN!"
That’s all I remember for from my first fighter… someone please tell me where this is from.

My friend had this awful game on Atari, some sort of kendo simulator or something. You’d play with these guys with kendo masks on, then you could choose a wooden sword of a bo. The cool thing was that you could assign entire combos to one button, like your special move or something.
The he got Street Fighter 2… on Atari. We played it ’ till our hands bled, even though we knew it was the suckiest version ever made. (When Guile did a sonic boom, it looked fine during the startup, because the flames were part of the sprite, but as soon as the SB would let go of his body, it became this tiny mess of swirling blue pixels)
I always treated Blades of Glory on my NES as a fighting game. Played it with stick and everything.

It was either Mortal Kombat, SF2 or World Heroes. Can’t remember exactly, but those are all games I played when I was really young.

I started with UMK3, then moved on to Killer Instinct 1 and then 2 and then went to Marvel Super Heroes. From there it has all been MvC series for the most part. Whenever i am feeling nostalgic, I play some of my old games.

Yie Ar Kung Fu and Urban Champion (if that counts) on the Famicom.

However, like alot of people, the first fighting game that I really played for hours on end, was Street Fighter II, or at least a really bad hack port of it for the Famicom called Master Fighter.

The first fighter I ever played was Marvel Super Heroes. That was back when I was a kid. I remember I was too scared to play it at first, but then slowly started using Shuma Gorath because I thought he looked cool. I used to spend most of my time watching other people playing.

World Warrior

After Marvel Super Heroes, I remember I tried MVC when I was older, but didn’t pick it up. (just randomly played it from time to time in the arcades, trying to use Megaman and Shuma Gorath) I never played against anyone.

Then I got into Smash Bros and deviated from true fighting games after that until I discovered Melty blood. Then I started to get heavilly into Doujins.

lol Doujins is a weird game.

Well it was more fun than street fighter anyway. I could actually hit the opponent more than once at a time and could get about all over the place by dashing in the air. And the characters were much cooler.

Well definitely it was Hyper Fighting at Bullwinkle’s in the Bay Area. I remember playing that against my friend and thinking it was so amazing compared to the old ass Atari games I was used to. The game that really got me into fighting games more seriously was 3rd Strike and that was in 2006.

Eternal Warriors or whatever for 32x, was fun but at the time I couldn’t figure out special attacks for shit.

First two I actually put effort into learning was MvC on Playstation, and CvS2 for PS2.

sf2 when it came out for the snes

SF2: World Warrior. The PC port, too, which was pretty bad. :lol:

Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match counts?

SF2: World Warrior.

^Which is like 80% of SRK.^

Clay Fighter!

Played SF2: Championship Edition around the same time.

Sf2: Championship Edition, Sega Genesis.

kung fu master on atari 2600 is the first fight orientated game i remember playing.

sf2 on snes was first proper fighting game.
then mk1 and mk2