Anybody remember Tobal no. 1?

It was a really wierd fighting game/ 3d platform for ps1 back in like 95-96.

At the time I was playing virtua fighter and tekken in the arcade and I guess i liked those games more than this, but it was very interesting. The whole 3D thing was really cool and so was the whole vibe of the game, but I remember thinking it was kind of cheap too, i dont know why. Most of my matches with freinds consisted of circling, jump kicked and holds.

Did anybody play this back then besides me?

I played a bit of Tobal No. 1 back in the day, its biggest innovation was definitely the fact that you could actually move in all directions in the 3D environment. In VF and Tekken, fighting was still basically confined to a 2-D plane, and Toshinden let you roll in and out of the screen, but Tobal actually let you move all around the 3D arena. And the judo-based grappling system was innovative as well, IIRC it’s very similar to the style Goh uses in VF4 Evo.

Unfortunately, I think quite a few people back then bought Tobal No. 1 solely for the FF VII demo and forgot there was a fighting game packaged in there as well. =(

BTW, you should really check out the sequel, Tobal 2 (Japan only). That was the game that first prompted me to mod my PlayStation. It’s so much better than the original it’s not even funny, shame it never made it outside of Japan. I went back and played it a month or so ago, and it’s still great, especially the dungeon mode where you hunt and capture other monsters to use in the fighting game! And the just frame combos are some of the tougher combos to pull off in any fighting game. Great, great game.

Yeah, really really good game

I have a spare copy of tobal 2, with spine. Its a great game, looks very good, Akira Toriyamas designs are hard to beat.

Akira Toriyama handled the artwork, eh? Didn’t know that.

Tobal 2 was a great game. Too bad i never got into it, despite wanting it for so long. After i did get it, i hardly ever played it.

Time to whip out the old PSX and play it. :wgrin:

I started a post on EVO page about Tobal 2 challenges. Im bringing Tobal 2 to EVO in order to mob it in BYOC. So any one down to get some challenges, money matches or mess around…ill be there with Tobal 2 ready to throw down.

To me, it is by far still one of the best 3d fighting games out there. Best throw system in any fighting game.


He designed the characters, they are unmistakably Toriyama. In mechanics wise I think the is one of the best 3D fighters too, this and VF

Oh hell yes. Tobal 2 was all about grabbing someone by the collar and tossing them around! BTW, I still have the Japanese Tobal 2 guide, it’s scary good although I can still barely read any of it!

One of the stranger things about I recall about Tobal 2 were the button commands that made your fighter shrink and grow on the fly. One second you’d be normal size, the next you were fifteen feet tall, and the next you were damn near microscopic. Crazy stuff.

There were also the infamous “nude codes” that were floating about the net. Since you could color edit all of the fighters, someone came up with perfect flesh colors that made a lot of the characters look absolutely naked. And believe me, there’s nothing scarier than getting your ass kicked by Nude Mary.

One last thing; Oliems = top-tier or no? I’m thinking a blue-skinned chicken man is automatically top-tier based on principle alone.

did ehrgeiz and tobal2 have the same engine?

No. Ehrgeiz did utilize a similar “run anywhere” type engine, but I’d say Ehrgeiz was probably closer to Power Stone or Destrega. Tobal placed much less emphasis on projectiles and specials, and more on grappling (if I recall correctly, Tobal #1 didn’t have any projectiles at all).

Tobal 1 was good but of course Tobal 2 is better! Dungeon mode is the most fun thing about Tobal 1. The whole concept is very genuine. You can increase your strength, gain health, special stats etc. like an rpg. Dungeon mode part 1 was kinda hard but part 2 is just a bitch… If I can remember correctly I remember I’d get really far and Violent Penguine and one of the color Frogs were a pain in the ass, I always tried to avoid them at all costs!:lol:

Tobal 2 hasn’t left my modded PS since 99.

I used to be scared of all of the monsters in the duengeons though.

And, I finally caught all of the monsters like 4 weeks ago.

Is Tobal 2 playable even in Japanese? I played some japanese fighting games like Jojo’s and the Hokuto no Ken PSx game but is Tobal heavy in Japanese?

The quest mode is, but other than that, no.

And Mark (1st form) is super broke. XD

Not more broke than Wyvern. (If your counting all characters)Wyvern surpasses “broken”

  1. He can fly so that automatically makes it unfair, so you cant hit him!
  2. While hes flying he can spam dragon fireballs at you.
  3. Wyvern cannot be rinnged out (even if he fly’s off the platform nothing happens)
    Thats super broke! Alot of the Monsters/ Animals have alot of bullshit in Tobal 2!

tobal 1 was the shit!.. never got a chance to play the 2nd one tho…

For sale?

And oh yes, Gren > the rest! Believe.

I may or may not be down be going to evo. If I do im totally up some Tobal2 action.

yeah if you want it, its very near mint condition.
I will swap if you want, as I have got 2.