Anybody still playing vanilla MvC3?


Hey. I play PS3 and i was wondering if anyone wanted to play vanilla? I didn’t think that UMvC3 was worth it, so I stick to vanilla. I on vacation right now, but ill be back in like 5 days.

PSN: B623Inc


I broke my Vanilla MvC3 disc…


I don’t blame you. Too much cheap bullcrap from Dante, Sentinel, and Phoenix.


>cheap crap from Sentinel

That’s a funny way to spell Wolverine and Wesker.


Call me crazy, I never had problems with Wesker. Wolverine wasn’t that bad either. Imo.


I played frisbee with it when I got UMVC3.
and then jumped on it saying eff you Dante.

There’s some people still playing if I recall.


Might find some Mexicans playing online.


Yeah. You can’t put a character like Dante in a game with a feature like Xfactor level 3. Same with Dark Pheonix. Her keep away went from annoying, to just unfair.


Man, when Dante and Trish were announced, I wanted to shoot myself. Then when they announced Vergil, I wanted to chop someone’s balls off.


Is UMvC3 worth it? I saw mvc3 at target for 17 bucks so i had to get it. If umvc is that much better, then i might consider it. 12 new characters doesn’t seem worth 40 bucks, though.


Yes, But make sure you can tolerate playing online seeing nothing but Zero,Vergil,Wesker,Dante,Strider,Doom,Morrigan,
When you start online though, prepare your anus for a bunch of Hulk teams.
And yes it is, you save money.


I play Hulk, so hulk teams won’t be a problem. And people will use Zero either way. But i don’t want to talk about Zero. He is the number one source of smashed discs, broken sticks, and crushed dreams.


yo man…look at it like this…

12 characters
roughly 100 hours per character
lets say the average developer makes $73,000 a year
8,760 hours in a year, half of which will not be worked = 4,380 hours worked
roughly $17.00 an hour x 100 hours = $1700 spent on that developer making ONE character function properly.
1700 x 12 characters = $20,400 ROUGHLY for those 12 characters

now…if that hasnt solidified the $40 justifiable price…then heres some more info…

most characters had adjustments, some more than others… lets say they rework all 36 ORIGINAL characters at 50 hours per character
thats 1,800 hours of just reworks. at $17.00 hour = $30,600

so those characters that were reworked went into alpha testing, they paid those scrubs $10 an hour to test them…found out that some are too powerful, some…not enough…another rework occurs so theres another $30,600

so…they still have yet to pay a designer to design the label, the box paper, or the “strat” guide with the frame data and we are already at $82,000 roughly. thats not including the QA testers that tested alpha and beta copies. so lets say the total comes out to be $100,000ish for the making of that new game (that eventually, people will cry about wesker being too good or spencers up-grab being over powered or the doom loop too simple/too much dmg) and they will patch it.

so…my point is…stop crying about $40 when the company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making YOU a new game. BUY THE GAME!!!


ultimately, its the 2nd best marvel game out…i still love my mvc2 in its entirety. 13 years and going strong without being patched…eff you interwebz!!


lol it’s like it’s really February '11 again


True. OK. I will CONSIDER buying the game.


You see these 2 online? O:

And yeah, you should get Ultimate. It’s a little more tolerable than Vanilla. But just be prepared.


all the time. Vajra assist gets ridiculous in laggy situations. i should know, i abuse that fact to no end.


It isn’t really going strong. You have some people playing it still but going strong is giving it too much credit.


I totally still play vanilla MVC3. I never got around to buying Ultimate because I despise Phoenix Wright and Frank West.

I would very much love to add some SRK buddies. It would be nice to have someone to play who is a decent player. Unless you play Wolverine or Phoenix, anyway. And even then, it’s okay, haha.

If anyone is up for having some matches on PSN, feel free to add N1KF1.