Anybody using Joytron Paewang Revolution stick or PCB here?


So i made a thread before about converting my ps3 Mcz TE arcade stick into 360 compatible so i could play it on my pc, as mine is a brand new one and it doesn’t recognize older techs like ps3’s usb 1.1 standard. Even the usb cards don’t work as the ones i could find are only xp compatible, and i am using 8.1 64 bit

After researching a lot, i have landed on Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB which claims it works on both 360 and ps3. As 360 controller works PERFECTLY with my pc, i am hoping the 360 compatible stick will as well. Anybody using the same stick or pcb on pc here?

ALSO, can i buy the pcb they have on thousands of other sticks which works on both 360 and ps3. For some reason, i can’t find those pcbs, only the overpriced sticks. Even if i can find a pcb which ONLY works for xbox 360, i’ll be good to go

Kind of desperate here

and btw, I have an Asus Z 97 a. I hope you guys never buy this board if you wanna continue playing fighting games on pc. It doesn’t even support XP so you could dual boot and use those ancient USB cards out there to make the sticks working


Find someone to padhack a 360 Fightpad and dualmod it with an Imp V2 into your current stick.


I don’t want my stick to be ps3 compatible at all. I want to use it ONLY for pc, so i guess padhacking a 360 controller is the only way to go? Or do you know if i can find a pcb online which only works for 360?


If you want it only for PC you can get one of the zero delay pcbs off of eBay pretty cheap.


Yeah, go for a Zero Delay pcb with the Japanese style quick disconnects.

I personally prefer the PS2 version of the pcb, but it’s up to you.


You may not have tried it out, but aftermarket PS3 PCBs are actually better with PC compatibility than X360 controllers/PCBs. Like it’s mentioned above, the ZD Encoder, any of Toodles’ products (Cthulhu, ChImp, MC Cthulhu), or Phreakmods’ Cerberus are amazing for PC.


Thanks guys, I’ll go for the ZD encoder. My sis stays in NY and will be coming to India next month so I’ll ask her to get it for me. Can any of you please suggest a link from where I should order and it’ll reach properly to NY? It ain’t my territory that’s why asking for the link :slight_smile:


Says they ship worldwide


Pc only version:


You guys are the best…I came here to post the link which President posted. Is there a difference between that and the one el greco posted? I have PS3 TE stick


One supports ps2/ps3/pc, the other only supports pc.


Do you know which usb standard this product uses for pc? I am not able to find that info anywhere. Just trying to figure out if my ps3 stick didn’t work on my pc, why this will. I am sorry for the trouble


Couldn’t tell you, check the engrish product description for details.


If it was a MadCatz PS3 stick then there are incompatibilities with certain USB host chips, rather than the USB standard the stick uses. So, most any MadCatz stick will work on an Intel based host chip, but for example not all VIA host chips work.


So I got the reply from the admin of etokki website - Laugh…and the stick will function like standard wired 360 controller when used in Xbox 360 mode and considering the controller is working perfectly with my PC. I am going to go ahead with it.

Just wanted to ask, do I need to buy cables (harness) separately as they aren’t provided with the pcb? They seem out of stock on etokki website so could someone post a ebay/any link please?


If I’m not mistaken, the PCB does require soldering right? I’ve never soldered anything in my life, how easy/hard is the process?


Only sells pre-made cables for the Paewang. You’re going to have to solder your own or ask them to re-stock.


I guess I’ll wait for ps360+ to restock as there is a similar forced-360 mode in that pcb as well.

I checked it out on youtube yesterday and have never soldered myself so could get frustrating. If i end up buying the pcb, I’ll get the soldering done locally