Anybody want to play on xboxlive?

Looking for xboxlive Wright players,
Idk none where I’m from, I actually havnt really played another Wright player,

Add me gamertag
Is, andilex

would play ya but I kind of suck…

Ha that’s the point for practice, I’ll help you with some Wright tech. I’m not that great either, especially online haha.
What’s your tag?

My wright is below average but it’s my anchor doom that sucks

Haha its doesn’t matter,

Well I’m training right you can add me if you want GT:Clonedpickle if you want some games

I’m gonna add both of you, ok?

Alright kool

Alright looking forward to the invite

I’ve always wanted to make a. Lobby wit all phoenix Wrights

3 phoenix wrights in one lobby…TRIPLE THE LAWYER ACTION!!

gamertag: Uglywhen
tbh i dont play online a lot but finding competition can be tough in hawaii so I’ve been trying to get back into it. If u can put up with the connection I’d be happy to play a set.

Awesome haha, I’ll add you.

I’ll bite. GT = I Reid You

It’s always nice to see different playstyles with this character. I’ll add you guys.

We should all make a Wright lobby, I’ll stream and record it :wink:

Lol I’m down for it. Can we all agree on a certain time though?

Add me, and we’ll figure something out,

I’d watch that.

Re-add me didn’t know who you were Reid

LOL I played you on ranked yesterday Clonedpickle…