Anybody want to play the Legendary Johnson Brothers in Street Fighter IV?

I was wondering if anybody would like to play the Legendary Johnson brothers in Street Fighter IV once I’m online? I’ll be getting the Collector’s edition and practicing like crazy. I wonder if anybody wants to play us once we get online.

We will be on the PS3 ONLY but I might get the 360 version once it goes down in price. Our gamertag is right there. Come and play the Legends themselves. See you online amigos!!

So how did you guys become legendary or is this some self proclaim thing? Anyways Hi, I’m Randy Orton.


We have something great in the making here. C’mon guys you can do it!


oh god…

More pics of that horrible hairline please.

Tortillas please!

close this thread! or is everyone going to make a thread about how legendary they are

You don’t understand, you weren’t here for the origin of the Legends of the Tool brothers, or Lore whichever.

Hey I’m a Johnson too…less than a week to go…I’ll be on everyday!

Hey Valaris you know us? That’s good. You know I can play you first if you want since you like us so much. I pretty good once I know what I’m doing in Street Fighter IV.

Here is a list of games I’m good at right now:

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection: 3rd Strike (XBOX) No. 44 rank in the world with a SS grade.
Tekken 5: DR at Master Level going to Champion pretty soon.
Arcana Heart
Soul Calibur IV
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Sagat, Ken, Akuma, Fei-Long and Cammy
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: Scorpion, Joker and Batman

Anybody can play us and we will have a good time. The Legend is back baby and is going to be on top. Legends rule!!!

No I don’t know you. I know of you. Let’s keep it that.

Not questioning your skills or nothing but…uh, I ain’t never heard of ya.

Why does that name ring such a bell? Could somebody please explain this to a young’un?

I tried Google but I’m pretty sure we’re not talking about this or this.

Used to be named Legends_of_lore I think it was.

This thread is awesome.

Found it and holy shit :rofl:


is this thread going newhere?"