Anybody wants a job in Oakland?

There is going to be an opening (availabe 6/16/08) for a document scanning/graphic design position at the firm that I am currently working for. This is a yearly contract base position so there is no benefits and the starting rate is $15/hr (DOE), full time. My boss asked me do I know of anyone, and so I thought one of you might be interested.

This is a professional working environment, where you will be working in an office with architects and engineers. Our company,, contract with United States Coast Guard on a yearly base. With that said, the primary work is USCG related, except for the graphic design part. What that means is that, you can’t share the govenment documents/information to outside vendors, otherwise the government will go after your ass.

The requirement tyipically requires the person to have basic knowledge of general computer use, good working history and a fast software learner. In addition, one must have graphic design background with proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Micromedia Freehand, Flash, and Dreamweaver. If you don’t have an AA or BA degree in graphic design, you must have examples of your work. If anyone knows AutoCAD, that would be a plus. Also, one must be willing to learn GIS (geographical information system).

One benefit that I see working with our firm is that since we contract with USCG, we get to go to the government island. There, you can have all you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner for $3.85 (with good food) for each visit. In addition, you get to go to the gym, use the swimming pool, etc. PM me if you are interested and we’ll go from there.

By the way, you have to beat me in MVC2 to qualify! J/K :slight_smile:

this country is so rad…$15/hour for a college grad YEEEEEEEEEE

Tell me about dude. I have a BA in graphic design and got this job for a year making $15/hr. For me, I felt like I got underpay, but for those with a little background in graphic design, then $15 isn’t a bad rate. I think in general though, graphic artist doesn’t make much money but our job is very fun. Anyway, I went back to school while working here due to flexible hours and I am almost complete my AS in engineering. I have found something better and so therefore, this position is available. Nonetheless, this is a good opportunity for one to gain experience and be familiar with A&E working environment.