Anybody watch the new vids on KSK's website?

Looks like they have a new ranbat AND new 3 on 3 tourney vids from SBO4 (edit) :tup:

thanks for the info.

the finals vid is not sbo finals. it’s more like a special 3 on 3 tourney

yeah i watched it.

man frankie3s vs jima was sooo disappointing. shoryu into the cross counter, and the Hadou xx denjin that didn’t come out. i really wanted frank to win. oh well.

It must be really stressful competing against the japanese though, so props to him for making it as far as he did.

highlight of the vid:

Senaka fucking up two midscreen unblockables in a row on white-black (the green chun). man that was a riot, i was dying from laughter. can anyone translate what the announcer was saying when that happened? i hear him screaming “RX”.

oh man! such a heartbreaker … ricky vs kokujin. i thought i would never cheer against kokujin (being a dudley player…) damn that was a good match!

Dude Ricky got caught by that ridiculous sweep range, Kokujin pulled that win out of his ass. He did still win though, to bad he had to fight nuki next.

Yeah there were a lot of good matches, I had never really seen AFM that much prior, he’s got a pretty solid Chun.

AFM’s got a cool Chun. He used to be on the earlier ranbats and kicked some butt but now there’s not too much of him. Guess he just hasn’t been making it to the finals lately (Nuki basically overshadows him in the later ranbats). Koushun and Tsucchie (I think) are also good Chun players. Koushun pulls some crazy stuff with Chun every now and then and it’s hard to pull something real crazy with such a braindead character.


cant find a download for this. could someone post a direct link?

ksk gamer’s vision ranbats (not torrent)

ksk’s website (just find the torrent links and dl)

btw, the new ranbat (06/10) is out…

ummmm i dont see the torrent link to the 3on3 :confused:

Just finished watching the 6/10 Ranbat. Urien rapes again. RX style. He’s just too ridic with that guy. :tup:

Is that 3 on3 vid the 1 hr 30 min vid I got from that site a few weeks ago? If not, then please enlighten us :bgrin:

the new 3on3 vid will be released next week i guess…

Iwish somebody could translate teh commentary. looks like they were having a great time

3 on 3 torrent is up.