Anybody willing to help me out?


I received my octo gate and LS-33 spring in the mail so i decided to start modding me JLF stick.

The gate was really easy to install, after that getting the E-clamp off was really difficult so finally when i did something really weird happened.

Everything from the inside of the stick fell out, the joystick itself with the balltop, some white plasticky bit somehow another dustwasher and this part here i can’t find i think is trapped inside the stick.


that is the spring clip

watch my video on how to assemble in my sig


Very helpful thank you, quick question what do i do with the white part next to the ball top in the picture


Follow the pictures.
I posted this again yesterday too.


Ok guys thanks a lot, still in the process of locating the spring clip but when i find it should be easy to do. Thanks a lot.


Sorry about that, hope you get it in working order again with all the pics provided by jdm714


Hahaha i guess i did do that.

Anyways it’s fixed now all is good. Thanks a lot guys all of you.