Anybody willing to play online?



I’m in NC. Zach, do you play online at all? It’s largely terrible, but at least I could get some ideas from some of you or see how legit my own things are.

C’mon, let’s shoot things at each other. I can’t really imagine how silly this mirror might be…

My code thing is 4941-6876-6482.


I only played online the first few days after I got it. I hated it tbh, I’m one of those really temperamental players when it comes to lag, but I’ll give it a go. Just let me figure out how this friend code thing works first…


I’m with you man, <3 my offline scene. Online has input lag almost all the time. If both players have a wired connection (you need a USB adapter thing to do this), it’s not as bad as when say…both guys are using shitty wireless while their moms are on the computer or something.

The friend code thing is clunky and weird. It’d be nice if the Wii just used a friend/buddy list thing like the other consoles…it reminds me more of PS2 online really lol, which isn’t such a great thing…but it does work at least. The hard part is finding people that know what they’re doing.


I’ll play against you online, offline though is much better as you guy stated . but anyways I’ll add (:


Nice. Where you at, xieshu?

I saw your thread earlier asking about how to deal with ranged characters. Fighting Megaman players online has been pretty easy with Saki for me, seeing as regular 5C goes under his, is faster, and can lead into combos from even full screen. I haven’t played a top Megman or anything so I can’t say for sure, but she seems to be able to hang with him in the projectile game just fine. There’s also the option of negating his projectiles with either 22B shots or lasers. If he does a lot of jump Cs (like he should be doing), your turn to super jump and j.C > grenade, or time a 22C shot to catch him as an overhead, wait for him to jump and commit to a shot so you can punish with 236 beam super, etc etc. For his machine gun, you have to pick your jumps and shots carefully so as to not be hit out of them. It’s pretty fun really.


Hey thanks for checking my topic about that haha . Awesome I’ll take that into consideration when i face another good volnutt player (: I believe I added you or if anything just add me in my sig (fc code) .

Oh if your asking about location I’m from Cali , Long Beach .


Yikes…other side of the country, we’ll see how it goes though. I’ll be home and able to play at about 6 EST.


Alright, if anything I’ve added you on aim and msn for any other way to communicate, Probably be out playing CoD with friends today . Looking forward to it (:


Never been much of a fan of online, but I guess I could give it a go. Hit me up on aim if you wanna play a few rounds. It’s the same name as here. I’m atlantic south, btw.


i’ll play you online, i have a decent saki. for whatever reason, when im posting this my friend tag isnt showing in my sig, so its: 5071-0618-7691