Anyone actually "Pro" with a default console controller?

I understand that for the most part anyway, if you plan on going pro at all for 2D fighters, you’re gonna want a stick. I also get that if you’ve never used sticks before, then when you do get one, you’re totally going to suck for a while before you adjust.

But are there any actual Pros that just never transitioned to using arcade stick controllers and actually stuck to using regular controllers? And have those people ever actually did really good in tournaments? I’m thinking maybe going to top 10-20 while using a regular game controller. Not picking favorites here, honestly if you could be using a SNES controller for all I care.

Basically I would like to know if its possible to actually be considered a pro fighter while never actually using a stick(and spending like 200$ on a new controller including mods and stuff).

I ask this because, as crazy as this sounds, I have trouble playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse but I seem to do so much better playing with a controller. But maybe thats because I didnt spend long enough trying to use a Keyboard and mouse. And as far as I know, your “Supposed” to play FPS games with a keyboard and mouse.

Although I get that for certain genre’s, you just have to use a certain type of controller. For instance, RTS games, you pretty much have to play that with a keyboard and mouse. Probably no one is going pro playing RTS games with a console controller. Would it be better for someone to force themselves to learn and transition to using an arcade stick if they have mostly been using a regular controller to play fighters?

Wolfkrone and Fanatiq.

Using a pad for an FG doesn’t make as much of a difference as using a pad for an FPS. I just don’t think anyone’s going to be bunny hopping all over the place in any Quake game with an Xbox controller.

don’t console FPS games have some degree of auto aim to compensate for the use of a controller?

Most console FPS have some hidden auto-aim system to help the player.

About 99% of console FPS have auto-aim.

Only FPS I know for a fact doesn’t have auto-aim is 360/PS3 Team Fortress 2, and possibly the rest of those games on The Orange Box. But if it does, it’s a very, very small auto-aim. I don’t think Wolfenstein 3D/Doom/Doom 2’s console ports have it either.

Technically, they did, seeing as you only had to line opponents up vertically to hit.

Aulord was a pad player until just last year, I think.

I dont think Battlefield really has any. If anything its got anti auto aim because it has more realistic physics with bullet dip over long distance so you have to aim above where you want to shoot.

Oh and on topic of the OP I think youd have to have never watched any streams or top 8 match vids from tourneys to have missed out on Wolfkrone.

Doesn’t Vangief play on pad as well?

A better question IMO is is anyone actually pro in fighting games?

I have watched alot of pro plays for MvC and BB games but all of them have all been actual fight steams without showing the actual players. So i have no idea if the players were using Sticks or control pads. I know alot of the pros by name but I don’t even know what they look like much less their control style. I knew about Daigo for a long time and only just yesterday did I actually see what he looks like.

I suppose it would be more accurate to say I’ve never seen a stream of an actual tournament event. I’ve only seen matches with the occasional narrator/announcer.

Right now one thing i’m thinking about is the “Piano” effect stick users get compared to pad players. How much of an advantage would the stick have compared to the Pad player?

Pianoing is nigh impossible on a regular 4 face button/x shoulder button pad. It’s easier on 6 button controllers (Fightpads, Saturn controllers, etc) and sticks.

Yeah, Wolfkrone is probably the best SF player in the US right now, and he plays on pad. Inthul is another pad warrior, and he’s probably the best Fei Long in the country.

MastaCJ is an MvC3 pad player.

Rico Suave, aka the “mixup machine” plays on pad as well.

Ofcourse I get that in the end, raw skill does come out on top and now I see there is high level players that use pads.

But still, one thing i would like to know is simply if there is any actual advantage to using pads as opposed to sticks. I’ve read up countless and countless of info about why sticks are better than pads. The Piano effect being one thing that gets repeated alot. But does the pad do something that you can’t do with a stick?

Like for instance, using a keyboard+mouse for an RTS game, the keyboard lets you use hotkeys which are pretty much essential for high level play. Good luck doing that on Starcraft 64 with the controller. Or using a playstation controller converter for your PC(Which i have, though I use it for Emulation and FPS games).

If you use pad for FGs, it’s because you yourself prefer it, and that trumps any “advantage”. I think players like Wolfkrone, CJ, and Vangief are plenty evidence of that.

It’s just preference. They use whatever they’re more comfortable with. People even use keyboards.

Wolfkrone and Vangeif are good on stick too. I wonder if Wolfkrone will try for SBO spot.

Pad Player Rex0r vs Floe MvC3

The silent inputs are a plus. It may also be easier to do standing 720s on a pad, but that’s just speculation on my part based on the high-level Zangief pad players like Vangief and Snake-eyes.