Anyone as excited as I am?

I am sorry to say this, but i am just more than excited about this event, I usually do not get very excited, but I have a feeling that SFIV will bring super amazment moments to this event, and I am just very excited to start!

nah it’s just you

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s only you.

Flips through Olivia Munn Playboy

What’s that? Oh…

I am disappointed.

Continues flipping

Seriously, that was one of the worst thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s disgusting that Playboy would not show a slit or a nip when they go around showing chicks off. Absolute bullshit.

I was actually mad when I saw the Olivia Munn pics.


They tried!!! She wouldn’t move that damn hair out of the wayyy!!!

I’ll fucking move the hair out of the way. I’ll even warm her up a bit for Heff.