Anyone AT Evo? I have a Mission Impossible for you!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves uncovering the identity of ‘White Suit Man’ who is lurking around the background in Evo Live broadcasts. You may select any team members, but it is essential that the last member of your team be a non gamer, to give you a credible alibi. As always, should any member of your team be caught or killed, I will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

  • ‘Fegis’

I’m also curious about that dude lol

Evo 2009 live stream, Friday at noon: Suit Man happened.

never forget…

lol love the av

Evo Pimp saved the stream. Better than listening to the guy talking about fucking french fries.

He must be found… Check the street corners and the dice games. Look into any strangely ornate Cadillacs. Question any slutty looking women you see.


By the way, rumor has it that Evo Pimp endorses TE fightsticks.

I thought it looked like he was lugging around one of those giant Anniversary happ sticks, but it was kinda hard to tell, with the stream being so low res and my knowledge of sticks being so weak.

Let’s bet on what brand of stick parts he prefers.

Does anyone have good-size pics of the Evo Pimp? I want to make an avatar :[

we just called him Q in the stream

In the streams he had many names, as we did not quite know what we were dealing with…

Evo pimp, White Fedora guy, White suit man, Smooth Criminal. etc…

such is the way of legends

Secondary mission: Find out who was the Sagat showing off his Tiger Knees to the camera

think it’s just a mj tribute

This thread is win.

He was pushin em TE sticks

I believe I saw him in the background of Ken’s stage in SF2, on the boat…

Also may have seen him in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, under a one letter alias (and with a mask)…

Who is this man? What are his motives? Where does he get his outfits? And why did he give a cell phone to the dude that talked about fries after the sound was cut off?

Best thread ever… lol… I want an AV of him doing a phycho crusher

Your AV is too good man. LOL I can only imagine the flood of pimp man avs now. :rofl:

Yeah man this thread is good, and im getting -ve rep sigh :frowning: thought id try and get some rep back to +ve and try and take part in the ‘scene’ :frowning: but it seems some people just hates anyone with an 09 join date…