Anyone attend the Location Test for USF4?



if yes, please try to make vids and notes from the new blanka for us unlucky who cannot go there. especially us europeans. capcom always forgets us :frowning:


probably won’t be able to get vids, but I’ll try to get some notes.


Flash house attended a location test as he was on some vid recently saying Blanka will be really good in USF4.

FH: Can you share any notes/thoughts that didn’t make the vid?


If anyone could ask for chainable or more hit advantage on please!


karinssf4 uploaded tons of vids from the location test


No chainable lk, please. Don’t make Blanka noob friendly. :frowning: :smiley:
One more frame of hitstun would be nice, though.

Looking forward to unthrowable c mk. Unfortunately it’s only from third frame, I’ve heard, so if you initiate the move with minus frames you will eat a throw if the opponent mashes. Still, it will be very useful against throw mashers. Does it also beat out lows?


It’ll beat out most lows in the game, though some high hitbox ones beat it. You’re good against the majority of’s though.


Headed to SCR on friday, anything you guys want me to check out?


I guess check the information that is either incomplete or speculative

Like pushback and if the elec is still viable after it or not… Up ball FADC follow up if any, the close standing mk thing for throws etc. lvl 2 focus attack → dash forward followups viability.

Although if there is something else you prob know much better than me ^^

Idk anything you feel its out of place/broken, or should be improved upon so capcom is aware of the things we want/dont want for the character. For some reason i feel blanka doesnt get much love in the balance department because its underutilized at high level perhaps, not enough feedback?


K those were on the list already. testing and when you fadc upball are my priorities.

If you can do something like, xx hk upball red focus, dash forward it will eliminate ex horiball combos from mattering.

it’d be 70+70+96+36+35+28+39

for, xx upball RFC, xx horizontal ball

374 damage, 490 stun and not even optimized.


played 20ish matches with Blanka earlier pushback is enormous.

wanna whiff punish with, st.lp xx ball/elec? NOPE JAB WHIFFS
did an electricity string to low forward, it hit as a ch and want to link sweep? NOPE
wanna do low forward xx elec? KINDA NOPE
wanna do st.strong, low forward, st.jab combos? NOPE
read a fireball and want to punish with low forward, u1? NOPE
wanna link two low forwards together cause that buff was cool? BETTER BE POINT BLANK
wanna do low forward, st.jab xx elec as a blockstring? HOPE YOU LIKE ELEC WHIFFING UNLESS IT’S EX
wanna do low forward, kara throw? LOL
wanna do low forward(blocked) low forward(hit) into ultra? SORRY THAT DOESN’T WORK
frametrap to low forward xx lp ball and want that to combo? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING THAT DOESN’T COMBO HALF THE TIME NOW

f.dash buff is somewhat helpful, after a blocked level 2 focus you can legit frametrap someone now, it fixed his backthrow setups(hard to auto correct now especially in corner where reversals would auto correct and no longer do), but broke sweep/f.throw setups to an extent buff helped me after level2 focus and to bully some command grab characters

ball knockdowns are nice if you can actually land a combo with the pushback.

upball fadc has no followups as far as I could tell. Low forward low forward xx upball ex focus seemed to work on taller standing characters so I wasn’t able to test everything with that you probably got a new combo with rfc. i fucked it up the time I tried it

So overall Blanka does more damage upclose, but does dramatically less damage from farther away and in frame trap situations.

I’d rather them revert the low forward to the old version as it’s actually a worse move now.


Haha, wow, that is moronic! What is the ****ing point with giving it more pushback? That’s just uncalled for …


I remember when I tested that one PC ultra mod and said the c.MK pushback was way too much and it seemed everyone thought they had that property wrong. Appears they were correct and it sucks.

Why give him a “buff” that nerfs a good portion of his useful combos? I really want to know the reasoning behind this.


I suggest everyone tweet @haunts, @CapcomFighters, and @TheComboFiend and ask them to revert this change because it sounds awful. More people that play Blanka need to leave feedback because Ves was probably the only one that said anything at the loctest.


well I sent my tweets, but I have no other idea on how to make them aware we dont like that nerf.


I doubt they check Capcom Unity anymore but I’ll post something there too I guess.