Anyone been to Amsterdam?

So I’m going to Amsterdam in a couple months for a few days. Anyone have some experiences they’d like to share? Places to go, or places to avoid?

and yes, I’m all over the red light district :slight_smile:

Dank u!

I didn’t know people still went to Amsterdamn :sweat:

I was there for a week and I can’t remember anywhere that I went. Just go where the party takes you. Oh, and don’t go to the redlight district to late like I did. Hoes gotta sleep to.

I was just there two months ago. We stayed at the Bulldog (hostel in the middle of the RLD) and stayed at a holiday inn way off the beaten path for a few days.

  1. if you havent booked a place to stay, Hostels are legit if you get the private rooms anyway. We stayed at the Bulldog and while the bathrooms were weird (you can shower, piss in a toilet and brush your teeth in the sink while standing in one spot.) it was in the best location ever being in the middle of the RLD.
  2. There are a bunch of attractions that are good time killers, we saw the Heineken museum, Anne franks house, the zoo.
  3. The RLD is awesome the first time you see it.
  4. The food is awesome, cant remember specific places but just outside the Heineken museum we ate at a restaurant that had the best pancakes and waffles ive ever had.
  5. all the beer is a lot better

Theres a lot more to do, just get fucked up and have a good time. Be prepared to spend some money though as most things are a bit pricey.

I’ve read that most people there speak English. How true is that? I’ve been learning a bit of Dutch, is it even worth it?

I was thinking of staying in a hostel just to keep costs down. How sketchy would you say the non-private rooms are?

Truth be told. Everyone that I talked to spoke english. I guess I was just fortunate to run into english natives.

go hit up the coffee shops while you’re there, the bud is supposed to be superb, prices are good too. :smokin::coffee:

This is so weird, me and a friend just arranged a trip for the beginning of September up to Amsterdam…

This is our list of things we plan to do:

-Ann Frank’s House
-Feel uncomfortable walking through the RLD
-Maybe a canal boat ride
-Go to a couple of the museums
-Coffee Shops :smokin:
-Go clubbing
-Buy some tulips, apparently they are very nice

I’m sure we will find a lot more to do… Any suggestions?

@Arcticninja, basically everyone speaks english. It may be worth brushing up on a few basic phrases for emergencies, but apart from that don’t bother.

There’s this bench over on Quentin Street, right across from the main river where if you sit long enough for the sun to hit the elm’s shadows just right you can get a tiny glimmer from the mini waves that look great in black and white.

35mm preferred.

I lied.

I never been to Amsterdam.

But when you do go, take a picture of the river regardless.

I’ve never been to amsterdam but i went around europe for a month about 5 years ago. The biggest non private room i stayed in was 6 people…and we had 3 in our group, so only 3 rondoms. I never stayed in anything that was shit. Just gotta take a look around first to see if it’s nice. Right now i’m pretty sure is high season, so booking your hostels a few days in advance is probably advised. Remember to keep your shit locked up when your not around, people just look for oppertunities to steal your stuff.

My buddy was in amersterdam and they ran into some crazy american, there was like 8 of them they all paid this hooker a dollar and this american dude fingered her while they watched. haha.

Remember to shit on the sidewalk, while your drunk.

Amsterdam = best european destination ever!
day 1. Get high -> Torture museum -> get high -> get a hooker
day 2. Get high on mushrooms -> Go to Sex museum (with a hooker) -> get high
Day 3. Get high -> go to the Park, meet some pussy and some cool local dudes (who will very probably be as high as you are) -> get high -> have a boat ride on the river with the girls you met in the park
Day 4. Get high and sleep the whole day (it rains anyway!)
Day 5. Get high on mushrooms again -> Go to Fluorescent arts museum (home-pg.1.html) -> ask a local to call an ambulance as your friend is running arround naked with his underpants on his head and a toilet-brush up his ass singing a Right Said Fred tune
Day 6. Get high -> Go to the Vodka Museum (Homepage - Vodka Museum Amsterdam) -> get drunk -> get a couple of bottles in a bag pack and go for the bike ride!
Day 7. Get high -> Go to the film museum ( ? Museums in Amsterdam ? Film museum Amsterdam, Filmmuseum) -> get high -> go to a strip bar and lick Heineken beer off a stripper’s boobs -> get your last Hooker
Day 8. Get high (for the last time) -> go home -> miss your flight becasue you’re too wasted/tired -> Back to “day 1”.

Yeah… but stay away from young pimps who recommend you to go to Slovakia to get pussy though.

EDIT: Everyone speaks English there.
But you could learn a few words in Dutch to pick up chicks.

sweet thanks for the replies guys.

Hahahahahahaha, best advice given.

I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam (or at least live there).
Amazing city; (From what I’ve seen in pictures and description from WIkipedia haha…)

Anyways; have fun there.

Most peeps here do speak english, only a small percentage doesn’t so you should be fine.

Here’s one for ya though: "Waar is hier het toilet?"
Use it if you really need to go to the men’s room :wgrin:

I will be in Amsterdam in the final week of August/first week of September. I’ll be with buddies but I’ll be willing to say hi to an SRKer or two if you aren’t a pussy repellent.

Depending on your interests of course.
But I’d got to ‘Rijksmuseum’. Although it’s being renovated the collection is still impressive. There are a lot of great museums close to eachother btw.
Drink some good cold beer for once in your life.
Stop by a coffeeshop (I know, a lot of people told this) but don’t buy funny stuff like the toadstools. The ‘spacecake’ thing is something to be avoided too.
Chill at the ‘Vondelpark’. It’s usually very crowded fo a park, but can still be nice. You see a lot of people and it’s still a park.
Canal boats are cool, but there are these buses (like the english dubble buses) where you can hop on and off to take a ride down the center.
If you want to see the red light district at night, don’t go alone. And avoid the smaller alleys.

Sick, I’m gonna be there the first few days of September.

Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark all have extremely high rates of English as a 2nd language im talking like 75%-90% of the natives speak English.

But damn i wana reach there lol.