Anyone bought from this guy?


I saw one of his sticks on ebay awhile ago and he linked me to his site.

Im a little nervous about ordering. I’m thinking of going with Arcade-In-A-Box instead.


I have the same question, looks like a pretty good deal.


looks legit, but all happ parts, not sure i dig that.


Happ parts are fine.

Heard about the guy when he was only on eBay. Legit and does really good work.


I like the box stick. I wonder if he can do a Happ optical stick with Sanwa buttons…


Sounds good dude, I just emailed him. Have you actually done business with him?


I have a friend who ordered from him. It’s in the process but I’ll update when he actually gets his stick.


looks cool to me


Can you order it with Sanwa and Semitsu parts?


I don’t think so.


I have not but I have heard from others that have and seen lots of pics of his work. His prices are killer for the norms right now, I guess he didn’t see that other sticks have jumped in price about $70 right now. If you get a stick post up pics, I always like to hear about new stick makers.


site down?


I was just thinking the same thing. $115 for a stick even after you add the shipping is MAD CHEAP! I have an SE with some Sanwa stuff on the way but I may order another stick from either this guy or I’ll let you guys knew how it goes if I do


ima get one from them…the cheapest ive seen so far


I’d get close up photos before placing an order. Just from what I see on his site you are getting what you pay for, cheap.


Which one looks the most appealing to you guys?


thanks for the interest

Thanks for you guys interest. I like to think that i do quality work, and I’m definately going to warranty what I make. I havent had any problem with happ parts. I dont mind using sanwa, but eveything is so hard to get right now, Lizard lick is ridiculously backed up and I’m really considering not using them anymore. but if you’re really interested just drop me an email. I’m not here to rape anybody as far as prices, I only started making sticks because i wanted a decent one, and It kinda grew into a hobby.


look nice enough and they are functional , looks a good buy to me

good luck with your stick making and welcome to the forums


I only see Xbox 360 joysticks. Will you offer PS3 support?

You should create a new thread called “Hello, from imakedemsticks”


Not quite sure how to post a new thread. yeah i can do ps3 sticks but i dont hack a controller for that, i just use cthulhu ps3/pc board, already built. so they’re about $15-20 more than the xbox 360.