Anyone build a new top panel for the HRAP?

I have an HRAP2:SA and don’t want to mod its original top panel. Its too nice!

How about making a new metal panel, then topping it off with artwork and lexan. Could that be a good alternative? What material is suitable (sheet metal, etc) and any idea on what the cost may be?

I have searched for this mod for a few days and have only seen cases where the original top panel was peeled off, then mod’ed.

It kinda depends on wether you have a road nearby or not. :wink:

And here’s the thread.

V4MPIRO had an awesome one…

:rofl: made from a street sign!

dammit. I just missed it.

i bought it for 17 shipped from vampire who got it off ebay … amazing deal and a great amount of work seemed to go into it .the mounts are welded and look like theres holes for many types of joysticks …great upgrade for a t5 case…if u can trace who made it somehow…id recommend it

thats a great find will976. I would have jumped on that had i seen it :arazz:

Doesn’t look like a template for HRAP2 exists. There is an HRAP1 template i could use but it doesn’t have measurements on it…

I really like the ERGO button layout of HRAP2, but that is a measurement nightmare. I’m sure that will scare custom-cut shops away. I may just go with HRAP1 measurements. Arghh…24mm and 30mm Button holes may be a challenge as well

i wonder how much people would pay for these. i could have a local shop make them up.

something like this?

ya but 6 buttons ;p

Yeah! Any details on how you got that done? Cost, templates, etc.

Cant this be solved with some cleverness? Its not overly easy but if they make a living from cutting/working with metal it should be easy enough.
Maby bringing a piece of paper or cardboard as template? Or the exact measurements for the buttons with a common point as reference (say, the upper right corner).

I fix it my image… now show pic my joystick. I copy a layout from Sega Saturn Virtual Stick.


  • Neo Geo layout
  • Sanwa layout
  • mortal kombat layout

become muilti-layout on Sega Saturn Virtual Stick

well it is a real pain in the ass to make but with patience it can be done. I cut it out by hand with a jigsaw. not sure about cost or if i really want to do it again.

I’m curious, what’s tool drill hole small square on panel control? :wonder:

Yeah, and I pay $11.00 shipping :lol:

I’m really keen on creating a new top-panel for my HRAP3.

I’d like to remove the right-most 2 buttons (leaving a 6 button setup) and also remove the turbo switch area.

Does anyone have a template?

Alternatively, I’d happily pay a reasonable fee + shipping to have one cut and sent out.

I’m sure many of us would buy them if we could…it just wouldn’t be anywhere near $17 though.

for sheet metal use a sheet metal nibbler. For plastic jigsaw/dremel.

you mean this tool ?

well i had to be really creative to make the square holes for the carriage bolts. First i think i made a 5/32" hole.Then i used a tap(meant for threading holes) and beat it in with a hammer. It has a square bottom before it rounds to the threads. so i kinda forced a square peg through a round hole. on a pricing note if you can find someone to make them for $17.00 go for it. as much time as it takes to make these there is no way i could go that cheap.