Anyone build a new top panel for the HRAP?

yep, cheap, no noise (except for the starter hole), no burr, no warping you get from metal shears. . . see 5

Seems like so much work. Putting the sheet on a piece of softwood (e.g. pine) and then giving it a good whack with a square punch is how I’d go about it.

djfunkshun - is that replica plate made using stainless steel or aluminium? What’s the exact depth of the sheet of metal? Finally, what’s the best way to get custom art on there? I was thinking vinyl.

I’ve been looking to replace the top panel of my HRAP3 with an HRAP2’s panel so I can fit a semitsu stick.

In terms of estimating a price, I’m not sure how much the metal costs, so I don’t want to under or over estimate. Though I would definitely purchase one given the opportunity.

i asked a shop. they quoted me 60$ for 5 or more.

12 bucks each is pretty darn good! If you do it, I’ll probably buy one or two.

Can I deliver a different template?
I am interested if that is the case.
Will you ship internationally?

Because I would like to have a double NeoGeo controller NEO-AEC layout,
which is quite different from the NeoGeo arcade cabinets.

If we were to get these plates does anyone know how to add on a new mount for a joystick?