Anyone buy from


I was going to order a whack of buttons today , I found this website They are cheaper than LL has anyone on hear ordered from these guys before?


I’ve ordered my first batch of buttons from arcadespareparts. The shipping price to US can get a tad bit steep, and you have to buy a minimum of $30 on your order if you don’t want to get hustled with unnecessary packaging fees. Their Sanwa buttons drop in price if you buy them in bulkier quantities. However, I don’t really like the feel of their Sanwa sticks… The ones I bought from them felt kinda stuff and not greased correctly in the actuator and pivot.


I have recently ordered from them it takes about 9 days to get your parts since its located mainly in Hong Kong, sometimes they ship from Chicago if you live in the USA.

Its a nice place to order from since its faster than akihabara shop but it doesn’t have Seimitsu parts at all.


They actually have cheapest priced Seimitsu bubble tops I’ve seen around, priced at $1.75. This was found in their news section a few weeks ago: Search | Arcade Spare Parts


oh so they do have something seimitsu at least :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont think the bubble tops are seimitsu they all look off in color, but Im going to order the buttons are 2 bucks each , bubble tops were a 1.75 so I ordered $100 worth of buttons and bubble tops the shipping say $28 3-4 days so Im going that route and Im still getting a good deal


Not bad. Like I said, ordering from them in bulk is the way to go.


They are seimitsu, Seimitsu is the only one, I know of that stocks them.
Not including they don’t look off in color. I checked they look like normal seimitsu bubbletops


im about to order some parts, is the shipping decent here? or is it ridiculous unless you buy a lot on bulk?


I ordered some Sanwa buttons and a bubble top from them. Great price, slow shipping. Took almost two weeks to get it, and during this time of year I’d be very hesitant about ordering something from China.


well I will let you know I paid $28 for 3-4 da shipping. So when I get it I will let you know. But sanwa buttons are only $2 so I ordered a whack.


well my sanwa parts came today ordered from arcade spare parts on 11/28 via airmail usually it takes 9-15 days. I didn’t expect to get my package this fast from them

The box was all dented but everything is fine inside, wrapped in plastic wrap and shipping popcorn


I’m all about shopping at small businesses to support them, even if they are a notch higher in price. I’ve enjoyed my service with lizard lick’s in the past, so I’ll continue to support Chad and his amazing store instead of some giant business overseas in hong kong.


Just got my stuff , I ordered tuesday night and got it friday morning. Like I suspected the balltops are not seimitsu (they are not advertised as seimitsu) so I cant complain they were only $1 .75 lol. The colors are a little dull compared to seimitsu. But overall still look fine. I will continue to order from here its a great place to get parts , but if you are only ordering 1 set I would skip out and get them locally.