Anyone buy the PC version from CD Keys or similar sites, do you still get access to the Beta?


Ive got the Beta on PS4 but don’t have PS+ and seeing as I have a decent gaming rig and its cross platform, don’t plan to pay for online (just played a PC Zangief player on my PS4, it was perfect). Does anyone know if you bought a code from a site rather then straight from steam, do you still get access to the Beta ?, and if so do you also get the DLC costumes ?, cause its WAY cheaper in Europe this way then pre ordering it off Steam.



Yes. But it’s pretty much now or never.

You should know that buying keys that were intended for lower cost regions from grey market sites can end badly. Some publishers actively get Steam to remove said keys from accounts. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can and does happen.

I got it and it works fine. Just activated today.

What site did you use ?.