Anyone can help on the of "no region protection"

what does it mean ? im asking because i live in asia im thinking if i can still play/use my PS3 that came from US and the games that i buy here

Be careful with voltages though. I’m not sure whether or not the PS3 power supply handles multiple voltages. I would imagine it does, but definitely check first.

ooh thanks for the info but how about let say PS3 system that are from japan, because im browsing some games in and i saw a system that says “japan” and another same item says “japan, no region protection” im kinda confused about that if you dont get what i mean just visit

You can play any PS3 game on any PS3. I would recommend Asian or Chinese versions since they’re usually in English because Japanese games are in Japanese. Unless, you’re fluent in Japanese, that is.

Also, if it’s backward compatible with PS2 games, you have to watch out because PS2 games are still region locked. So, if you have a Japanese PS3, you can only play Japanese PS2 games on it.