Anyone car pooling to Northwest Majors?

I’m trying to go to the NWM,but have no way of getting there if there are any portland players going and have room left could i hitch a ride too i’ll put up gas and stuff. If so u could just PM me.THX

I’m walking, wanna come along?

Hitching the Hike is the sign of true dedication.

You may not get there on time but you probably will get raped.

my car is full and accounted for, but if anyone concede’s their spot than i’ll post something up.

thanks man

My car may or may not be full. Basically, there are 5 Portland GG players. I’d be bringing at least one of them other than myself. One may have a car, another may not go, and yet another may want to leave later on saturday, whereas I’d probably leave either early saturday or sometime friday. Like Mackenzie, I’ll let you know when there’s solid info.

Thanks man

I will also be driving up. I’ll have room. You may want to find a ride back tho, because i will be staying an extra day or two to hang out up there.

Oh hey, spot in my car is now open. You can have a ride if you want. As far as getting back, I definitely need to be back by 2:30 on sunday, and Ross needs to be back by Noon on sunday, so if that works for you, then no problems. We’ll probably head back late saturday or something.

yeah that’s cool

i THINK Geese’s Raging Storm (Pretzel Motion Super) has Sent Unblockable Mouthbeam properties!!!