Anyone care about SC 3?

I take it buy all the info directed at the ‘revamped’ story mode and the new created a character mode + no arcade and online release that y’all are dismissing this game? MK deception all over again?

lol, I was just starting to get into SC too.

Anyway, is anything new being done in regards to the gameplay. One of the things I keep reading about in regards to SC2 is that it is just SC1 with new characters, and new graphics.

Fill the col in SC players.

I was a huge SC and SC2 fan. Even though SC2 was kind of a disappointment in the fact that the game itself really wasn’t changed too much, I still played it a lot. I have to admit, though, that I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to SC3. The main reason is that I don’t even have a ps2 to be able to buy the game for myself. It’s the same reason why I’m not into Tekken 5 nearly as much as I would like to be.

I’m also kind of skeptical about SC3. The SC2 community really died out a few years after the game’s release, and once the community died playing the game seemed pointless. It didn’t get any play at tournaments I went to, so there wasn’t any incentive to play it.

im actually pretty hyped for sc3

so are most of the original top sc players

Thanks guys.

Has anyone actually gotten a hand on SC3? If so what’s different and what can I look foward to?

How do the new characters play?

Also if you guys could give me your personal opinion on what exactly was wrong with SC2 (I remember one of my friends saying something about the knockdowns) and a tier list you’d make me pretty happy.

I’m trying to make this my #1 3D fighter.

I’m looking forward to Sc3…Setsuka ftw!

Raphael doesn’t have the Soul Edge(or whatever they call it now), so no.

Seriously though it seems to me that Soul Calibur is becoming a casual fighter. I don’t see it having that “thing”.

About the tiers, all I know is that Raphael is way below Xhiangua.

Seigfried(sp?) is back. I gotta get it.

its still 2 months away, but its more anticipation there

hey col, did you like deception by any chance?


That question actually made me burst out loud with laughter.

I can’t imagine a worse 3D fighter than deception…

I really wanted to like this series. After losing to all sorts of mashers i gave up.

You gave up because you sucked?

thats what he said

You have to learn how to play to beat mashers.

Fuck yeah, Siegfried for the win! :tup:

I liked the first two, so I’ll definately give this a go as well.

So far,it has been stated that Zasalamel is the easiest to play out of the new characters. Not sure of the others though. As for Soul Calibur 2s problems,I’m not a expert on the game,but I heard it was something about 2G that broke the game.

I fucking loved the first Soul Calibur. But Soul Calibur 2 just didn’t do it for me for some reason.

I’m mildly excited about SC3, some screens or vids would probably hype me up.

Cervantes was top along with someone else…

I thought people complained about the parries or something of the sort that made the game boring and broken. I really stopped playing SCII before I heard all the “why it’s bad”. Even before so the game was boring after getting Sophitia and Seung Mina…

and no Hwang this time will make me mad. Also this is most likely coming to the arcades after it hits home. They said depending on much people demand it for an arcade release is the chance it’ll get there.

I care about the release of SC3 but I really wish that it will come to arcade more. Oh well what can I do. No Hwang? Thats fuckin’ bs there.