Anyone disappointed EVO is off the Vegas strip this year?


I want to go to Evo this year for Ultra, I went in 2010 when it was at Caesars because it was on the strip and really convenient. I go to Vegas more than just for Evo though, which kind of sucks that this year the event is at an off strip hotel. Being at Paris hotel last year was nice. I feel the organizers should strive to lock down a better venue year after year to entice more people to come.

I know this is a unwarranted rant, but I generally stay at hotels on the strip for convenience and would like this year’s Evo’s experience to be awesome.



a lot of people complained about how pricey Caesars was though.
I think its a good thing to try, its not that far anyway, not like when it used to be at the GreenValleyRanch


Look into the monorail man, its 30 bucks, and takes you up and down the strip, and stops at the Lvh as well, every 15 min I beleive


monorail is 5 bucks


Strip is way to expensive. They should have it on Freemont street but there isn’t a big enough venue there.


Its not like you cant go to the strip, its $5 if you want to go. But most Evo attendees spend majority of the time hanging out with friends inside the hotel.


I’m sorry but I mean that sounds pretty lame. Its Vegas, there’s clubs, shows, gambling, strip clubs, girls etc… Coming to Vegas for Evo and all the other stuff is an added benefit of having it in Vegas. If people just want to chill in their hotel rooms, bring Evo to Kansas or West Virginia. People travel far and pay good money to get there, plus all the hotels on the strip aren’t that expensive (ballys, treasure island, polo towers, etc). You guys should really strive to make Evo a showcase for the FGC. It’s like the olympics for street fighter, the venue everything etc should be a nice experience. We can cheap out on the other events, but Evo should be the premiere street fighter event and thus it should be at a dope venue. Having the event at a shitty venue is taking a step backwards people.


No. next question.

“I go to Vegas more than just for Evo though” - your problem.
A cheap monorail ride - your solution.

The Strip doesn’t make the EVO experience awesome. Studies have shown that your level of hype only decrease once you exit the event halls and hit the strip.


I don’t have a problem with taking the monorail to the strip if its operating 24 hours a day. $5 is cheaper than taking a taxi, and im sure the monorail with get you to key areas on the strip much faster than being stuck in the hell that is Vegas strip traffic.


The convention center at the LVH is the largest in Vegas, if I’m not mistaken. Plus because the hotel is off of the strip the room rates are good, especially considering how nice that hotel is. Like others have said, the monorail is an affordable solution to your issue. Another solution is to get a room on the strip and only use the monorail when you feel like being at the event.


Caesars Palace is crazy expensive. That’s probably why they changed it to something off the strip. LVH is still a nice hotel though. It’ll only cost about $150 to stay for Evo, which, if you’re travelling from Canada like me, is reassuring.


Did you know there are clubs, shows, gambling, strip clubs, and girls year round across the country? Sorry bro, you are not that cool to warrant such accommodations anyway. Evo is your chance to experience the pinnacle of the fighting game tournaments. No one is stopping you from getting a room on the strip, so your dumb ass complaints are not necessary.