Anyone do any solo travelling?


This year I want to go on a vacation in another country by myself. Usually when I go travel I’m with a friend or there are family/friends there.

So does anyone have any tips or advice? Example - I tend to get drunk which would make me easy pickings for the locals. How do I not get raped/mugged???

Also, how do I plan my trip? Right now I’m looking at the itineraries of guided tours so I can get some ideas of the interesting places to visit, but I prefer having my own freedom to explore. I also want to avoid too many touristy places. So actually signing up with a tour group isn’t really for me. But I might consider doing one for part of the trip, and then just going solo the rest of the time there.


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I don’t see how you will be able to explore the less touristy places of a country without a guide you can trust, ie; friends or family, especially if you don’t speak the language. You don’t want to end up in a “Hostel” situation or a one way trip to sex slave city.

If I didn’t have a trusted friend as my point of contact in Thailand, I wouldn’t even consider going there solo, but hey-- I’m a big pussy.


I’m just gonna say there are a lot of places I don’t think it wise to travel alone, but if you really want to obviously don’t advertise the fact that you’e alone. I don’t really have any very specific tips that are beyond the obvious but that’s because I don’t know that there really are any =/

The reality is it can be pretty dangerous out there and I don’t think anyone should be traveling to places they aren’t familiar with by themselves.


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Maybe im too much of a family man now but man i dont think i can ever travel alone…Probably good idea to bring a friend with you, you guys can do your own thing but always have a buddy system when going out of country…Which countries you planning to travel to?


you mean south america or amsterdam?

that would be fun, but i’m having too much fun spitting game to girls in public now. there’s a thrill of the chase that’s not the same as plopping down cash in an envelope. i don’t think i can ever go back. haven’t been laid in a while, but i can always use the hand


when i went to new orleans, my friend said she knew a friend there and sent me an email introduction. i was then able to crash a new years eve house party so that was cool.

when i was in beijing with femto, we hit up ppl on SRK in beijing, and they showed us the real bar scene.

but i feel the same way you do. travelling solo is outside my comfort zone which is kinda why i want to do it more. seems like it’d be a fun adventure. i’m not white so i probably won’t get kidnapped by terrorists and beheaded on tv…


I went to Japan solo, as well as spent some time in England by myself. Hostels are a great place to meet and hang out with people from all over the world, and you all share an interest in the country you’re visiting. Make an effort to be friendly to your roomies and you can certainly link up with people that’ll putt around with you to see the sights, grab some drinks, go out at night etc. There are a surprising number of solo travelers in my experience, and it’s pretty easy.

As for tours, I much prefer developing an itinerary on my own of things that I want to see. It’s your vacation, do it your way!


i like this hostel idea. i’m currently googling mongolian hostels. are there any official hostel review sites, or should I just trust whatever google gives me?


I know I’ve used hostels and hostelworld both with success. There was one night where a hostel didn’t actually have a room available and I ended up sleeping in a Japanese internet cafe/manga kissa but that was the hostel’s fault, not the site’s.


Went to Singapore solo last year to watch the Grand Prix, would do it again too. In fact, if my money from mods and SRK comes through, I’ll probably be going again next month for SEA Major 2012 for AE 2012.


Thailand really isn’t dangerous at all, been there 10+ times and never had any problems. Locals are really friendly all the time and there’s ton of tourists. Singapore is also a really safe place.
Amsterdam on the other hand can get quite dangerous at night in the RLD area if you’re drunk AND alone. Seen lots of really shady people around there in the years.
South America is also generally dangerous if you don’t know where you’re going.


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I think when traveling alone it’s good to have your Plan B, C, D etc. all in order, obviously. Depends on the area. South America? Yeah, no.

Mongolia sounds like some shit aZns do to reconnect with their roots or something, like famous black people and Africa.

Like anything in life, it’s always a crap-shoot but the more you plan, the more chances you have of a safe travel.

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Singapore is a very safe city. I lived there for a few months as I attended NUS as part of my grad studies (my god–soooo many hot women). I probably would have enjoyed myself a lot more if I wasn’t so freakin’ paranoid about breaking one of their 28732843 laws.

So you’re going to Mongolia? Are you gonna be hardcore and live in a Yurt in the steppes and hunt mountain goats with your trusty giant eagle?


yeah i was hoping to check out the gobi desert and see if they would let me ride a horse and shoot a composite longbow or some shit. according to dna testing, a lot of chinese are related to genghis due to all the raping he did, so it’ll be good to pay homage to daddy.


Real talk, take you one of those survival courses that test your endurance and wit. I am sure once you get through some shit like that you won’t fear a damn thing. That being said you will still need a guide but at least you will be able to tell if they are a good guide or not.

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Generally speaking, I would say most Western European countries are safe to travel to by yourself. Eastern Europe is a whole different story though. Mongolia is an amazing country. If you get a chance, make sure you camp out in the Gobi desert. It ranks really high on the Bortle Dark Sky scale and the view of the stars is like no other.

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