Anyone Do Wood Cuts For DIY Arcade Cabinet and Ship?


Does anyone here do wood cut for arcade cabinets? I’m looking to build one and I have the plans but no wood working skills or tools. Just need the wood cut and price please.


Thanks for the advice Im looking to build a Vewlix style 32" with a control panel to drop in 2 Injustice Fight Sticks. I am Located in Maryland


People usually do it themselves when they make a custom cab or buy a custom one like a Kraylix , your best bet is looking up cabinet makers or woodworking places locally to you and seeing if they do custom work with your blueprints.


There also sites that will Sell pre-cut DIY kits.



MD’er here too. I’d suggest the guy who did mine but the experience was a nightmare. Try any local cabinet maker and provide the plans. They may not be familiar with what you’re doing but having the plans will make it much easier for them.