Anyone Down For 2v2 Single Elimination SBO STYLEZ @ GETTY

I hope I don’t get shat on by mods for this thread
Cough* Nagata Cough* RXS :lovin: lol wango/anant

So Im thinking of running

A 2v2 SBO style Single Elimination team tourny on Friday Oct.9th at Getty
2 weeks is short notice but i wanna get it running ASAP with Boss’ approval (he never denied me before why now?)

Probably start time around 3 - 6 open to suggestions
Single Elimination probably 5 - 10 a head so 10 or 20 a team

I know work/school/location can be a problem to most of you Cough* sauga
but theres always long line ups and usually people wanna see the good players play regardless

(We can get this scene at getty MAD HYPE with top matches going off Getty regulars should know this already because ENOUGH people just stand and watch and generally start asking questions about the scene/community)

Hopefully people are interested

Im thinking 2v2 each team picks 2 characters OR we could have the fun and
say each team picks 4 characters and is restricted to those

(80% sure people want 2 characters only but for those of you who know me… i like to fuck around kinda like how

Chaos2d Picks akuma but still holds it down)

how JS Master thinks his ryu/chun is good LOL

Teddy thinks hes good with rufus/viper

im just good with everyone but hey thats me LOL JK damn no Seth

if this does happen Man and Guy are gonna win it… oops Blitz and Spiral LOL

oh OOOPs lol k omg jk

sry man rly? lol oops


ill play you for the title of americas patriot