Anyone Dualmod a Hori VX SA up in these parts?


I opened one up and have no idea where I would solder the Guide and Back buttons for a PS3/MC Cthulhu dualmod to. Anyone do it and have a picture of the pcb circled with those two spots?

OR, if Toodles is making a VX Kitty, that would be even more awesomer!




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for anyone who uses this white and green d plus and d minus are backwards. at least they were when i installed the chimpsmd


You are right.
I did not make the picture.

I do not even follow it myself.
I already have it my head.


ya i only needed it for the joystick directions. right on the chimpsmd the correct order is printed


Here are some pics of my dual modded setup in case you wanted to see some.

Here is a close up of the db 15 connector that i have all my signals hooked up to for easy swapping between hitbox, astro, and mk panels.

Here is a closeup of the pcb

You can see i removed all the white housings, this was so i can easily wire up the directions and signals to the db 15 connector.

Here is another closeup,

you can see that even though the housing for the directional buttons has been removed and the prongs have been soldered, I am still able to hook up the directional wire plug so i can mount my ls 32 without having to hack up another wire to connect the db 15.
Also you can see that the power cord is hooked up to the main pcb but it is not hooked up to the usb wire. I cut the the D+ and D- cord from the connector and made it so the power and ground cord were only coming from the wire then I wired it the the 360 so that the ground and powers are connected.

All the dual mod wiring is on the bottom of the pcb and if you wanted to see it i could unscrew it for you to see but it is not a really complicate mod. All the points are easy to access. just make sure you are careful when dual modding to the home button and select button.