Anyone else beat Rose's orbs with rising jaguar?

I’m new to Adon, so wondered if this was commonplace or not.

In a match against Rose, the player did her ‘orbs’ ultra and kept moving towards me. I jumped back a few times and did a rising jaguar. It went between the rotating orbs and hit her, making them disappear.

I can upload the footage to YT, but wanted to know if it was commonplace or not before I did. THis was on SSFIV on 360.

sounds pretty lucky if you went in between them. I have beaten them with an EX or hk.rj in the past though, but I always assumed it was the invinc frames that did it for me.

just use EX jaguar kick

^ what that fella said

I uploaded a vid to YT and put it in SRK’s media dump thing.

Shoryuken - Adon Vs. Rose. Rising jaguar through soul satellite ultra. SSFIV HD

You can see that I had no EX, so it was just a regular rising jaguar. I’ve looked at the footage a few times and I’m pretty sure I missed that second orb, but I’d appreciation confirmation anyway.

Rose loses orbs if she gets hit. HK jaguar has 6 frames of invincibility where he can’t be hit by orbs, do the math.

Yes, but I did a MK RJ.

Wow what a pointless topic.

having watched the vid, basically you lucked out. You hit between the gap thats it. Pretty much any move can do it I guess.