Anyone else checked out ComicsOne SvC manga?


We got a sample copy along with a shit load of other mangs from their studio, and honestly, it’s a nice book. The art isn’t half bad, reminds me a lot of Adam Kubert’s art. The characters are all very cool and represented well enough, and the story is going somewhere and has managed to introduce about 1/4th games cast. Akuma looks fucking wicked in this book too.

My only problem is Kyo’s fight with Dimitri (spoilers beware)
how in the hell does Kyo live past Dimitri punching a hole right through his chest? I don’t really follow KoF games but last I heard, Kyo’s just a human, right?


Get used to it. HK comics are crazy stuff. Even though the SVC one is miles better than the CVS one… I cant really reccomend the next volumes. Too wacky for my tastes.


When is this actually scheduled for Release? I’ve been waiting on this for a while now…


Kyo survives because he’s cured by Cap from SVC Card Fighter’s Clash who seems to have God Like Powers…

It’s whacky but I liked it, course I consider the game itself to be kind of whacky, but I could of done without people loosing body parts and getting them back, but different audience, (Hong Kong) different tastes.


the only comic i like from HK is the Storm Riders. i don’t like the way how they handle titles from capcom and snk. way too far fetched. i mean, the moment i see ryu doing things that should only exist in dragon ball z, i just put the comic down and walk away, wishing i never looked at it to begin with. i’m also fine with the art style…IN STORM RIDERS. just about EVERY comic from HK looks the friggin same!!

argh, sorry, just wanted to vent.

anyway, i don’t like HK comics, except for storm riders.


I love Hong Kong’s kung fu comics, I really do. They’re crazy over the top fantastic pieces of art. Its the only place where I can read stuff like:

" **Ryu’s angry gaze seemed to give Ryo two options: One, to stop the fight and come back to the Shotoken Dojo or two, be defeated in battle and be carried back to the Shotoken dojo. ** Ryo: I choose the third option! Kick your ASS! HIYYAAA!!!"

Which is fantastic when you relise Ryu didn’t say a damn thing and techically Ryo’s just responding to what the narrator said. laughs Great stuff.

There was even another moment:

The Knives fly to their target but with a single stare they are shattered. What amazing power Iori has!!

Lots of Spoilers:

SVC:choas comics started off pretty kick ass and was building up really well… Then the Aliens came in the middle of Ken Vs Geese (who just Vs everyone it seemed) and everything went really strange. I’m sure they’re reasons why there are two of everyone running around but it seems kinda odd. Also Capcom get the short end of the stick all through the battles. Ryu’s main purpose in this comic it to get his ass handed to him by everyone.

I mean everyone. Sagat defeated him no trouble (which isn’t too bad but then Terry came along and deflected all of Sagats blows with one hand and no effort and defeated Sagat with one bloody blow) - then Ryu got his ass handed to him by Ryo - then DAN. Course Dan was powered up by Akuma or something but it was very odd moment to see Dan winning a fight. YAHOOO!

Kens role in the comic is actualy really intresting though. Violent Ken is pretty damn cool. And the story of how he got to be trained by Gouken is cool/funny if you like that sort of thing. “I will train you if you smash this rock with your fists” … Classic stuff. Apprently Gouken has always feared that Ken had a violent side or something. Eheh.

So yeah, I love it! But I love these type of things.


True, but at least Ryu and Kyo came out on top at the end at least.

And I can’t blame them for using Mars People because he is in fact in the game and if he ever shows up in any kind of Fighting Game story it will automatically make it silly.


Sadly Ryu looses a lot, but it’s in character. He has his fair amount of losses in the games but he becomes a better person for it. In the end, he defeats the Goddess Athena and Kyo beats Red Arramer. Athena = Goddess. Red Arramer = Lucifer’s lapdog. Kyo prolly still owns Ryu in that Comic, but since it is based on an SNK/Playmore game it’s expected.

Us Capcom fans still have still have Masahiko Nakahira’s Manga where Sakura beats Kyo!



Whaaat!? That aint right… Masashiko = Biggest SF fanboy lmao.


Notice that Ryo is not a Shotokan fighter… :lol:


Come on man, the Hong Kong Comic had Ryu loosing to Dan. I don’t care if you inject Dan with Goku’s blood that is not happening. Vengeance I say!

Basically, in the Capcom World, if you are dedicated to fighting and nothing more you own, in SNK, if you have other things going on in your life and are not just obssessed with fighting you will own. There are some exceptions, but this is the general rule.

In the Capcom World -


But in the SNK World -


So, Sakura has a chance of beating Kyo in the Capcom World, while Terry would be stronger than Ryu in the SNK World. Both companies just view their fighters very differently. In a perfectly combined world, Ryu and Kyo would be very very close, Sakura would get her butt whooped by Kyo, and Dan would still get beat by everybody!

The SVC Comic is still nutty though, I’m just defending Masahiko Nakahira!


whoa…sakura beating kyo?? ok, THAT i have to see. anyone have a link to that manga? whoever saw it, can you tell me if he was going easy on her?? even though the mangaka is one of my favorites…that still isn’t right.

i’ve never even heard of this manga! i mean how long was it? again, if someone has a link please show me. thanks.


I don’t have a Link, but it appeared in Ultrajump Megamix Volume 1. It included lots of other Manga stories from different Manga Artists. Karin also easily tripped up Shingo.

Nah, Kyo was not going easy, she beat him.

Kyo looked very young and had the Nest’s storyline jacket over his High School Jacket. He was drawn really well.

And no one complains about the travesty of Ryu getting beat by Dan! I can see a young Kyo loosing to Sakura but I can’t picture Dan beating up anybody.


Yeah - but re-reading the thing Dan win was a plot device for Ryu to become evil again ight? So Dan had the power of the plot behind him… and Akuma’s dark magical finger in the chest power. coughs He allowed Dan to smash cavern walls and all.

Hey we saw Dan beat up some school kids. So maybe he can win some fights! Now and then…

Anyone buying this?


oh don’t get me wrong, i’m a HUGE ryu fan. the only reason why i didn’t even bother screaming bout the whole ryu losing to dan shit is cuz it’s from the HK comics. so in other words, it’s crap, it’s not a big surprise. think bout it…ryu lost to dan…doesn’t that say a lot bout the HK comics??

if that dan thing happened in manga…i WILL be bothered by it, believe me, you will hear no end of it.

so he wasn’t goin easy on her huh? ok, THAT is hard to swallow. karin and shingo?? damn, so this was pretty much a ‘one shot’ capcom vs snk thingy huh? yo if anyone has link so i can check it out, it would be MUCH appreciated!


I’m kinda upset by the lack of love for Hong Kong comics. It makes me sad, it does. Am I the only one who enjoys them? (those who respond with a “Yes!” earn a Break Car Bonus)


Yeah, the CVS Masahiko Nakahira Manga was a one shot.


The Sakura/Kyo thing is even more “BS” than the Ryu/Dan thing. At least Dan had Akumas help and crap.

Sakura beating Kyo means she can beat any KOF, AOF or FF character. Ever.

Kyo is one of the three members of Gods Caliber - the chosen ones to stop gods. If Sakura can beat Kyo, she can stop Orochi, Goenitz, Geese, Krauser, Mukai, Rugal…

All those comics are pure bullshit. Just look at the pretty pictures and forget about it.


i don’t know if you caught it early in this thread, but i did mention that i like storm riders (foong wun). i forgot to mention that my other fav is a man called hero (joong wah ying hoong). i LOVED those comics. i just passionately hate it when they get their grubby hands on other titles like SF, KOF.

check this out. in one of the HK SF 3 storylines, necro…get this, had to have sex with ibuki, i forgot what the reason was, but i think it had to do something with her being the ONLY one to do it with necro and if he didn’t screw her he would die. oh and in one of the panels he held her on the floor and was about to rape her. before i could go on with the comic, i put it down and went to the bakery store and treated myself to a nice soft drink…i think i deserved that much cuz i put my eyes and brain through agony.

i don’t agree with kyo getting whooped by sakura. only because he’s a better fighter than her. but i have to disagree that the only reason why you would find that BS is cuz he’s a God killer. this debate has gone on for many times. you have to realize that just cuz he’s chosen to defeat gods doesn’t mean he’s able to defeat someone like ryu, terry, ken just like that. if he’s one of the chosen, that means he has the right ‘weapons’ for the job.

anyway, not to open up a whole new bag of worms, just my two cents.


I always thought that the SF movie was the most Hilarious thing in SF/capcom related world…

But finding out that HK comics ACTUALLY have Dan > ryu and Sakura > Kyo. Now that’s just ridiculous. I would much rather watch the SF movie crap again, than to watch/read one of HK comics.