Anyone else didn't notice this law pass?


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I don’t even know how to react to this.


No worries on the link.

This law is so bad that it can only be expressed through Clu 2’s posting style.

This country is on the fast track to democratically elected fascism.

It is not an exaggeration because the government is hulking up its power beyond anything worthwhile.

America is so damn free when it comes to doing something worthwhile.

Stay free, us the citizens, we all just love running into the Sentinel Pan that is that law.


It’s a scary law. Gotta work on my ToD Combos for Sentinel beatdown…

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I know Sabin posted about it on his Twitter saying, “Look what just past while we were busy partying on NYE”. Unbelievable. I guess there will be no revolution in the U.S., huh?


You have to be a complete idiot to get hemmed up by it, terrorist. Wow, get educated.


This law only applies to black and brown people.
I fail to see a problem?


We are now offcially china 2


Goddamnit it Toddler :rofl:

reads link

WTF, we were okay until that pant bomber then he fucked it up for all black people


imo there is at least a very small silver lining to this incredible shit sandwich, and that is the fact that this doesn’t really change the status quo… the worst parts of the NDAA were indefinite detentions and executions that could be authorized by the executive branch… which sounds horrible, and is horrible. BUT need i remind everyone that the executive branch has been operating under the premiss that it already had these powers (Anwar Al Awlaki anyone?). At least if this is written down in law somewhere we have the ability to change it in law, because previously when the WH was just claiming to have these powers based on nothing and thumbing their nose at all checks and balances… there wasn’t much anyone could do.


Very scary law, really suprised the vast majority of ppl in america are not aware of the dangers of this law. It single handely destroys the constitutional rights your forefather work so hard to create. Media isnt covering as it should be but focusing on Republican race. Rather than occupy wallstreet, occupy whitehouse! God save you americans.


Freedom of speech and assembly? Right to bear arms? Right to a fair trial?

Fuck that. You’re a terrorist.


Obama can official eat a cock meat sandwich on this one for being a traitor ass nigga.


shit sucks


I look at the Alex Jones Super Saiyan video a bit differently now, that is for sure

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well, haebus corpus has been detained before in the past, during war time, when president wanted to shit all over the citizen’s rights. so its not like usa hasn’t done this shit before. obama is a joke though. change? more like staying the same.


change for the worse. Every day Ron Paul looks more and more promising.


the thing that makes this depressing is that obama wanted to veto this law a little while ago

not because it totally shits on our freedoms or anything, but because he wouldn’t get the final say :tdown:


Lol McCarthyism and fear of Commies/Hippies/Terrorists lives on

Seriously I’ve say it once and I will say it again. You Americans are going to have to FIGHT for your rights again. Even your forefathers saw it coming. Violence death and destruction are all the corporate overlords understand.

As for the bill itself, Obama was fucked. Too many people on both sides wanted it, and it was tacked on to military benefits funding. If he vetos then Republicans get to talk about how Obama doesn’t support the troops.

Politics in general are a sad joke. I don’t see them fixing themselves either. We just need to stomp them bad enough that history makes sure no rich fucks walk all over the poor again, a start with something new.

We are connected enough to not need to vote one clown to pretend he gives a shit about our concerns.


i always thought president was kinda underpowered, now maybe with these buffs he’ll be a viable pick against judicial and legislative branch


lol George Bush III…

Patroit Act anyone?


Shotouts to Abraham Lincoln canceling that Haebus Corpus during the civil war.

I really dislike everything about this. The problem is that it is too easy to get pegged as a malcontent and detained without any actual evidence of it. Some faulty hearsay gets your ass a trip to Guantanamo. LVP probably thinks I’m out of my mind until you realize that it was not too long ago that two people who had been citizen for decades were phoned in as suspected terrorists for taking picture of the Mall of America to show their families.

So…yeah. There’s a lot of stuff that the government should do, could do and sometimes is unwilling to do. But with the amount of secrecy attached to the past 9 years (some of it needed in this situations other just probably hiding a bunch of wrong doing), I am not comfortable with my government having that type of power for anythings.