Anyone else didn't notice this law pass?


POTUS has been steady authorizing the execution of US citizens abroad without a trial for about a decade. Been getting away with it since Obama. I understand that wartime/international prosecutions must follow different procedures than criminal ones, but this is too far imo.

The executive branch was never designed to check itself. In order to achieve desirable ends the pols will grab at whatever is possible. This is the nature of the executive branch (and human nature in general – just like how business owners dont really like capitalism, politicians dont really like democracy; the only difference is that politicians have the power to change the rules).
Find one person running for office of POTUS who you trust would veto/not sign this bill (if you can) and then vote him/her.
Meanwhile peep the ‘feature creep’.


I’d rather vote for Jon Huntsman.

Black people ruining everything like usual. I guess blacks will start claiming he is half white afterall?

Anyway, I don’t carebecause I am not a hippy terrorist. AMERICA NUMBER 1.


The best thing about the bill? No one can say Obammy lied.

This is change you most CERTAINLY can believe in!


So while you guys are throwing around Obama’s name for shits and giggles can we trace who it was that actually set this whole thing in motion if he himself tried to veto this shit?


hereit would seem that many in congress are actually okay with this.

the part that pisses me off the most


and they somehow snuck this into the military budget

because it’s not like Buruck Obummer can veto the military budget without a massive shitstorm about “not supporting the troops” or “not protecting the national defense”


This made me donate 15 more dollars to the Ron Paul campaign.


This is not a good way to start the new year for the American people.


NDAA and SOPA for 2012, excellent…


The Obama administration told congress to remove the language exempting American citizens?
as noted by sponsor: [media=youtube]jHaJrnlqCgo[/media]

hahaa, apparently Obama didnt try to veto it, he threatened to veto in order to extract concessions from legislators
His demands were that the decision to detain US citizens without a trial was the exective branch’s decision alone and was not to be encroached upon by congress, DOJ, etc…


Which country is the most bullshit-proof at this point? I need a backup country, assuming 'Murrica doesn’t bring the rest of the world down with it.


Dem stealth nerfs.


First off, the clowns who attached this bullshit to military funding legislation deserve to be hauled out and shot in the street by firing squads. These extortionists essentially held our soldiers’ paychecks hostage.

Second of all, this is a pretty shocking reversal of Obama’s earlier promise to fight this bullshit. I don’t see how anyone could vote for him now, even given the paucity of decent alternatives. The very idea should be anathema to any free-thinking human being who intends to stay that way.


Sweden? :o


The stealthy nature of it would suggest that he shared that sentiment :looney:


lol. glad I live in a free country. pity you guys =/


Nowhere. Regardless of where you go bullshit nonsense because of people is like shit coming out of an ass. It’s so common that when it doesn’t happen, that’s when you’re surprised. Well better get ready for whatever war and riots and such people will fail back on as always.


Lol at clowns thinking that putting some other random in the White House is EVER going to make things different.


i wish genshir0 would start posting again


Lol Germany?
Too easy

I wish Stu would start posting again.