Anyone else feel like they'll never have enough fight money?


I liked the idea at first but I realized I’m never going to be able to get everything with this system. I just don’t earn fast enough!


They were supposed to add additional ways of getting extra fight money but most of the ones in the console finite. You can’t really redo trials; once you beat a certain mode in survival with a character you don’t get more. Only way to really ratchet up production is to play a lot of local or online versus.

Hmm… Actually, if draw games give you fight money online. You could set your PS4 overnight with another friend’s console, put on turbo mode, and just have 2 characters endless replay each other for fight monies in a 2 man battle lounge.


Wait, local versus gives FM? O_O


No, it does not.

Neither does the battle lounge.


If it did I’d probably be fine in all honesty.


I actually bought the first two DLC characters with FM and, before knowing they were playable anyway and now that they patched the new DLC, it seems they reset the chars without ‘refunding’ FM, so I’m out 200 000 and 2 characters… and no ways to make enough FM beside the ridiculously long/hard/shitty survival mode…


I have about 910.000 FM and am trying to get the 1M FM Trophy to Plat this. But I have no idea how to get that 90.000 FM. The hard survivals I haven’t done yet are way too tough for me to do. Maybe I’ll try finishing extreme survival with Rashid’s Eagle Spike spam, but even that will net me 30.000 FM. I hear ya, it’s hard to earn FM in this game.


I did the cinematic story mode plus the extra version, didnt skip any fights, and I got absolutely no Fight Money from any of it.


Yeah I feel ya, I just got enough FM to buy Ibuki from beating story mode, but now I’m really low on FM. There are a couple trials/demonstrations I can do, but after that I’m gonna be stuck with online and the rest of survival mode. Online barely gives any FM and Survival is so tedious and unenjoyable.


Uh, I don’t think so.
Before the 1.04 patch with Rog and Ibuki, Alex and Guile were free to play. It was impossible to spend FM on them, so you should be fine.
As for the costumes, whatever you bought with FM before the patch will be available once you purchase the respective characters.
I paid for Guile’s sf2 costume with FM when he dropped. Bought him (and the others) with FM after 1.04, and his sf2 costume came unlocked (or showed up as “purchased” in the shop).

Hope that clears it up.


Were you connected to the server? I just beat story mode today and got 30k from it.


I wasn’t the first time I did it, but I was connected for the extra mode. And I redid the regular mode after I connected to the server. Still got nothing for either.


U should get fight money from battle lounge and u should get at least 100fm each time IMO 50 is too low. If they ever manage to get the daily challenges up that would help as well but it have a feeling that daily challenges is gonna go the way of the zenny store


omg dont say that


I got fight money for it


Save time and just use real money. Do you really want to be a slave to grinding to get characters you may never play? Cash is King. Fight Money is Trash.


funny we just discovered a way to “purchase” everything in the shop for 0FM on PS4…premium costumes included.


Nope. You could spend the FM on them. At the very least I remember very well that I hastily paid for Alex and he’s now locked.

I’m so not paying 30$ extra for this game. I’ll wait for the “daily challenges” to get FM… maybe in 2018? lulz, f this game.


That was obviously the point of not offering enough earnable fight money: to get you to pay for everything you want


So that everyone can boost FM freely? Nah. Capcom won’t do that.