Anyone else find claw's EX-Sky High Claw(from back) impossible to block online

that’s move super fast
and unless you predict it
it’s almost impossible for me to block it on reaction.
so basically if claw has ex meter , that’s guranteed damage.

Impossible for me too, unless it’s really not a cross-up.

Vega’s online get away with so much shit I can’t react to

some dude posted in the tier thread “ex vega high claws double as unblockables online, true story”

Laughed my head off then shook my head…

Yea man, I don’t think I’ve ever blocked that shit. Maybe on accident when I was just holding forward, but never on purpose. I thought it was just me.

I find that if I backdash and then do a banishing fist I can dodge it out. That’s not the official way, but it works for me. I dodged it online the other day. I’ll look through my games to see if I still have it in my battle log.