Anyone else find this fishy?

I find this a bit odd? Earlier the used TE’s were selling for 130 now most are at 109 but are still more then new?

Not fishy to me.
Because those six are from other Sellers, not Amazon.

But I just don’t know what you are typing.
So don’t take my Post negative!

Wait… is that the freaking tournament edition fightstick?! For $99.99?! What the hell, man. I payed that much for the standard fightstick (60 ~= $99).

Yep. I even found round 2’s for 99.99

Round 1’s have been 99 for a long ass time now, and used sellers prices are posted at their discretion

I just think used sticks have been going for more $ Then just buying new these last couple of weeks/months, its just kinda odd.

I was in the States last week and I picked up a brand new Round 2 for 99$ at Frys.

I would buy a round 1 if I could ever sell my MvC stick. That 99 is a steal.

I think they have the SE for 35 too. If you modded that with sanwa parts it would still only run about 85-90 bucks.

Tao do you have a thread for your MVC Stick also which console? PS2/XBOX/Dreamcast?, Im looking for a MVC2 Stick for XBOX.

yup- jdm is right. I’ve noticed especially with sticks and stuff, sellers tend to sell their used sticks for way more than their worth… It makes sense when it’s on ebay and they think they can still (all this time later) trick people into thinking they’re “rare!” but when you’re selling right next to a lower price it’s stupid, haha. Part of it is also probably that amazon frequently has little mini-sales where they drop the price on something for a short period of time, so it makes total sense to see this kind of thing on amazon.

99 is a pretty common price for a new TE these days, I think it’s been that way for quite a while. paying 99 bucks for an SE…that’s just crazy! you can get them for half that…