Anyone else get sick?

Left finals on Sunday feeling tired and got home yesterday completely sick, fever, congestion, etc. Evola has returned?

I dun did definitely did dun see wut you did there ._.

I caught Evola. Fever and sorethroat at time of this comment.

Yeah I fell sick too and got Evola. Left the place I was watching the stream from tired and feverish with a cold.

I may or may not have dodged Evola this year. I have a minor sore throat but that’s it. I think my body is holding it off this time :slight_smile:

I got a bad fever that started Sunday morning. Still sick and in bed. And I know a few other of my friends got sick on Sunday. Thought it was just me. I guess the bug spread in the ballroom

Nope. I’m fine. :smiley:

I feel fine. Maybe most of it passed because people kept sharing their sticks. Also would it kill most of the attendees to shower AND use deodorant?

Yeah, I seem to have caught something. I noticed on the last day I was there that I got a sore throat and was coughing. I feel a little congested, but I’ve got no runny nose or anything…yet. No fever though, I’m thankful for that.

It really sucks, because now I gotta go back to work feeling this way. Hopefully this clears up before my off week.

Got a pretty mild sore throat and feel generally pretty shitty right now : I Hoping it doesn’t get worse.

I got the same symptoms, except I do have a runny nose and I’m running a slight fever :frowning:

Maybe under the EVO 2K12 suggestions, we should all suggest hand sanitizer stations, especially at the booths running betas.

I like the way you think. This is definitely a good idea, and should be used at future EVOs.

Get a sponsorship from Purell for next year’s tournament.

Makes a lot of sense. I don’t see why I don’t see hand sanitizer stations at most conventions.

Was worst on Friday night/Saturday. Sore throat, nasty chest and head cold, and completely sapped of energy. Took some NyQuil though, and got a lot better by the time AE Top 8 rolled around. I still have congestion, but it’s mostly going away, and my sore throat is completely gone.

I got mild Evola, soreness and stuffiness, mostly from being hungover though, I think. I dunno, sleeping in my own bed feels good again anyways.

Sore upper nasal cavity here. Dry throat.

This happens every year lol. Step your immune system game up. ;D

I got a stuffy nose =o(

yeah get those sanitation stations up too many scumbags running around

Had one bitch of a sore throat and both Inverse and I had what felt like a wisdom tooth popping through the back of our teeth on Day 2.
Felt a little sickly, but that seemed to go away after some food in me. Maybe it’s just the lack of food amongst the hype that got a few people down? The amount of energy you’re using walking around all day and not really eating anything between can take it’s toll.