Anyone else going to the San Diego Comic Con?

Anyone? I’m gonna be down there the whole time, if anyone wants to hook up. I’m so excited, Neil Gaiman is gonna be there with Dave McKean, and Jo Chen’s gonna be there, and a whole mess of other folks. Much fun shall ensue.

Man this sucks I really wanted to go too. Aw man dave mc is going to be there too? Is kent williams gonna be there also? I heard everyone is going to be there. I mean EVERYONE. Whole cast of Udon down to all the internet peeps I know.

You shoooouuullllld come. I’ve got 23 pages, penciled, inked, and colored, due by Sept 16th, but I’m goin anyways. I’m tryin to meet some folks, and make some connections that will, hopefully, help me out in the longrun. They got portfolio reviews and talent searches. It’s my first time going, but a lot of people I know tell me it’s one of the best places to get your name and your art out there.

i should go, but im not much of a comic person, only comic i read is street fighter, and san diego is only about 2 hours from my house, i dont know, when is comic con? and how much is it?

Here’s the site w/ all the info:

i might go on a saturday to comic con, its a 5 minute drive away from me, i wanted to spend 300+ on sick shit that is there, they have anything anime/comic/videogame/import shit related you want there for mega cheap, but i want to save money if i decide to go to evo, if i decide not to ill spend mad money at comic con, anywho, there is a 50% chance ill go, but only on a saturday.


Oh GOD how i wish i could go to the convention. I’ve always dream of going to conventions, but i’m living in Singapore and its so far away from san diego… :frowning: And Jo Chen is there too? whoa she’s one of my fav. Anyway for those who lives ard there, perhaps u guys should go man. Its a great opportunity! wish u guys luck! :slight_smile:

Comic Con 2004

My bro and i will be there for all 5 days!!!