Anyone else having a hard time deciding on a Team?

I know the game isn’t out yet and all, but usually with FG releases I have a good idea of who I’m excited to use and what kinda team I will be using. With this game it’s different…I mostly use grapplers and charge characters, but I just can’t decide who I’m even thinking about picking first for training. It’s kinda bugging me!!! Anyone else feeling like this?

Yeah I had that problem best bet is to just play through trial mode one character at a time until somebody feels good

Well half of the cast are new characters no one has ever played in a SF environment.

I know I’m maining Juri SF side, but I have no idea who I’ll choose for a teammate. I honestly want to try all the tekken characters before I decide. So it might take a while until I find out who suits my Juri best.

The obvious solution is wait for the tier list apparently picking Rolento is a good start right now :eek:

But in all seriousness, yes I too have that dilemma going into the game. It took me forever to find a team I actually liked and worked in Marvel, now it seems there’s too many good choices to choose from. That can easily chance once you actually get your hands on the game though, some characters might lose their appeal based on your playstyle and others might turn out to be more appealing than you thought though.

Yes and No.
I’ve got a team in mind (well, 2 actually lol) but I used to play tekken (from number 2 onwards) a lot back in the days and am really looking forward to using all of them to be honest - just to see how they fit into the game if nothing else. I’m completely spoilt for choice in that regard.

Hell, I can barely believe this game actually exists! Every once in a while I have to slap myself and say yes this game is REAL and it’s coming out in less than a week!

As funny as that sounds, the godlike roster makes things a lot more complicated than I expected. Got 5 favorites, all of them being new characters, add to that the 3 characters I played in AE, then the DLCs…oh, I’ll be busy. And it’ll be delicious.

I’ll be using my main from SSF4 Bison and a Tekken character who i haven’t decided on yet (most likely Raven or King)

So I picked up an early copy, and I’m half way in that dilemma. I found a Tekken character who I enjoy playing, Steve, but I can’t find a partner I like as much. It’s like I’ve been told to go play with a partner =P

You’ll want to set up your teams according to your play style. In my opinion choosing a team that works well with switch combo’s as well has how the cross art works for both of them is something you want to consider. Some characters are good for initiating cross arts but bad with ending them and vice versa. What you wanna do is you want to make sure you fully make use of the switching inbetween combo’s. What I see what most day one’s will prolly do is use their first character until they’re at low health and then raw tag them in.

since team syngery is not as important in this game as it is in marvel, start by playing the characters you are most comfortable with.

I say play with what characters you think are fun. If you dislike that character the move on to the next one. But if you are planning to be competitive in the tourney scene I can understand if you would want to lock down your main characters out the gate and learn them.

JR already stole my Akuma/Juri team, fucking bastard. I still call dibs on the name “Purple Rain” and respectfully request it be used in all future references.

Yeah this. At best you’re looking to get some nice tag cancel combos later on.

Well, my starting team is ready as Guile/Asuka. I always loved Guile, even though i am not the most defensive player around, i just love his normals and “feel”. My plan is to “SF4” with Guile a bit and bring Asuka in to bring the damage. I want a Tekken character in there, and she seems like a cool character to me. I like tomboyish, pissed off girls, i guess. She seems to be a nice combo ender, too, so it could be a perfect fit.

So yeah. Not too hard for me. I knew i would start the game with Guile, as always, and Asuka just popped in the second position as i first saw her in a video, and never left it.

Can anyone tell me if Sagat & Heihachi will work together in the cross art / tagging sense? :smiley:

Well, both of them can’t outrun a crippled turtle walking backwards, so at least you dont have to worry about moving too much. :smiley:

Sorry i haven’t anything productive to say, since i am still waiting on the game myself. Heihachi just seems powerful to me, with long, long combos. Have not seen that much Sagat, but he is almost always good, i guess. Just rock it, Team Snails, lets gooo !

Elena and Christie

I really hope online will have diversified characters and not just your typical flowchart RYU/KEN duo.

Who am I kidding… That’s like hoping scrubs don’t pick Scorpion in MK.

I have this curse where every character I plan to play turns out to either have a huge learning curve or be complete garbage (sometimes both). Knowing me,the characters I’ll pick in Vanilla SFxT will have no synergy. It’ll be a while, but I’ll be maining my two favorite SF characters, Dudley and Elena, and since they’re an official team, I assume they’ll work well together.

Well, this comic convinced me. Going with my SF4 main and secondary.

I’m so creative :smiley: