Anyone else having a problem reacting on the fly?

Normally I’d post this in the quick q&a session but figured it was a bit too long winded/complex for that. Mods, if it belongs there, let me know and i’ll delete the thread and repost there.

So something I’ve noticed… apparently despite being a Marine, I have a hard time making split second multi-level decisions (on reaction) in the heat of the moment.

So for example, if I jump in with an HK then land and start hit confirming with jabs, i can somewhat reliably link into the B&B if they land or tick throw if the opponent blocks. It’s only a 2-decision issue. But then you throw in standing/crouching and all of a sudden the B&B whiffs and now i have 1 second to think "is he standing or crouching? Did these jabs land? Should i go into mp xx EX hado or hit confirmed B&B?

Is this just a ‘practice more’ thing? I’ve been able to practice hit confirming in training mode by setting block to random, but there’s no random stand/crouch option. Throw cross ups and shallow/deep jump ins into this mix and it gets REALLY confusing. Too many different permutations.

Any ideas?

Much of the game is taking chances, man. Even the pros cannot always react within a split-second. Another part of it is taking a calculated risk: ex. if you know the opponent is mashing reversals, you can hit-confirm on him if your block strings are tight enough. Just keep practicing and you’ll become more familiar at predicting trends, tendencies, and situations.


Reacting correctly to opponents standing or crouching and therefore being able to apply the correct or most damaging punisher will come with time and experience.

Come to think of it, random block in training mode should have really added an option to use random stance as well, it would have helped a lot to improve hit confirming overall.

As for the topic, my reactions are as slow as a damn turtle lol, but I’ve improved a lot since I’ve started playing the game, so practice will definitely help you condition yourself to make split second decisions in pretty much everything involved in the game (hit confirming, anti airing, footsies…etc)

If you are jumping in, esp with or, just get in the habit of doing a afterwards. Whether it hits or blocks you have options. When jumping in on a crouched opponent and you hit just follow up with cr.hp. MAkes em stand up for the BnB

It’s pretty hard to hitconfirm just using the jump-in attack (don’t even see the likes of Tokido or Daigo doing that), it would be a huge risk to go into lk tatsu without totally being sure it’s going to connect, so I don’t think that would be a reliable way to hitconfirm and standup crouching opponent.

Against characters with large hitboxes where you can even stand jab them while they’re crouching, j.HK, standing jab (+6 on hit), crouching fierce sounds like a decent hitconfirm if you insist on standing up your opponent to go into lk. tatsu, but it’s still pretty risky since the crouching fierce would be a 1 frame link and it’s possible that’ll even whiff.

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking the same thing. Whats wrong with my game??

I make a split second choice that gets me in trouble and I follow up with a mental guard break :frowning:

A lot of characters can combo into their Ultra after a deep And none of them declare it as a hit-confirmable Ultra, for obvious reasons. Why do you think this works with Akuma’s c.HP after a j.HK. Do you mean because they are crouched you can be pretty sure that j.HK hits? In my opinion it’s pretty much impossible to react accordingly if the opponent stands up the last millisecond and blocks high.
So please explain further. I’m afraid I don’t get what you wanted to say.

In my experience it’s just a matter of practice. Once you become familiar (enough) with all his combos in a way where you don’t have to think about, it seemed to me that I have more time during those combos and can switch to another option whenever I like. I’m playing SF4 since (PC) release and I’ve experienced this just recently. (I know) I’m old and slow. With more playtime you’ll certainly experience this faster. But I think you get an idea of how long it can take. :slight_smile:

It’s tough to really compare what happens when pros play, and their reaction times, vs. what most of us see against our friends offline or against randoms online. I can guarantee if you did a reaction study (not in SF, just a general one) between you and most top players, you might beat a lot of them in terms of your reaction times in general. The reason their reactions in SF are so much better than yours is simply because they are looking for things, and since they’ve played the game so much and have seen the same scenarios play out again and again, it’s easy for them to react to things they know are coming.

You never see pros land jump in attacks against other pros that are crouching, but it’s something most amateur players have to account for. Pro players score jump ins when they trick the other person into blocking the wrong way, or beating a reversal. This is why you almost never see problems with certain combos not working. If they score a hit confirm where the other player is crouching, it’s probably a good chance that they were expecting them to be crouching, anyways.

On the off chance that they don’t know, and to keep it Gouki specific, this is why Tokido always does c.lp > st.Hp, or more recently > st.Hp on characters it works against. It’s much easier to react to a block or hit, crouch or stand when you have two attacks to give enough time. Some players also do > c.lp >, which you can cancel into several different things. It gives them more time.

There are a lot of combos that can help you out, but you also need to get much better at anticipating the actions of your opponent. The second one, sadly, only comes with thousands of hours of work into the game.

Hope this helps.


You’re not alone, I have similar problems. I tend to avoid using tatsu combos now unless I use a move that forces standup like far HK. If i’m trying for a combo from hit confirmed jabs I usually go for cr.jab, cr.jab, cr.medium punchxxHadouken or if I have metre and I notice that I do… cr.jab 3 timesxxEx Tatsu.

From my experience in trying to master Gouki, forget about reactions on the fly. If that’s your game then it’s best to play Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Chun, Adon, Sagat, or Rufus more or less mainly due to frame advantages which I don’t care to explain/argue. Bottom line, Gouki is not about reaction except for techs and dp AA. All other aspects of his attacks, vortex, is pure execution - meaning flawlessness - because 9/10 times one dropped link/combo or whiff and Gouki is either dead or over 75% health gone. The former is typically always the case. Also forget trying to mash reaction, it’s suicide - been there done that. It’ll only work twice at best even against noobs. Against good opponents, you’re dead before you know it.

Conclusion, get the execution (BNB, link/combo, and flip attacks) down flawless first and foremost. Without near perfect to perfect execution one can forget about the rest of Gouki’s game - vortex and winning. Plus with top execution vortex isn’t really needed unless one wants full potential and advance play etc. You’ll quickly conclude this yourself once you perfected your execution over reaction, especially in Gouki’s case. My 2-cents.

Ive started incorporating into my game after fighting ShinAkuma204. He uses it after all jump ins as a hit confirm because if it hits you can link fairly easily after. Might be worth investing in

If you mix up your opponent with enough ambiguous cross ups its possible to land a straight up if they guess wrong. Train them into thinking you are going for a cross up tatsu or and some opponents start blocking out of reaction from the particular set up. For example just last night, I faced a Dudley and everytime I landed a back throw I went for either a lk cross up, mk cross up or lk tatsu cross up. By the fourth back throw over the course of our games, he let me hit him with a after a back throw because he figured I’d just be crossing him up again

mind games… or just luck. Who knows, but Im just saying it is possible. And its not even this exactly. SSFIV is an extremely slow game when compared to say 3S. If you jump in and land a kick and you CANT react in time to see it hits and do a cr.hp (if they happen to be crouching) instead of st.hp or or w/e, then maybe you need to work on your reaction time

Mixing it up is fine, but taking unnecessary risks is another thing, you can do j. HK, cr. HP xx Fireball FADC, but j. HK into immediate cr. HP xx lk tatsu isn’t a viable hitconfirm(unless you have godlike reactions that’s a different story :P), j. HK, cr. lp, cr. mp xx ex fireball or ex tatsu are good enough vs crouching opponents, IMO at least.

I’ve been doing this too and it’s a bad habit, if they aren’t crouching or if you’re within xx ex hado range then it’s a waste of meter imo. My main combo is pretty much cr.jabx3>tatsu>srk. Unfortunately, most people I fight online mash like it’s going out of style when they’re about to lose a round, so even though I can do his more cool looking combos, I play it safe with the one I mentioned earlier. I try to do ex hado combos on crouching opponents since it seems to stun them quicker.

I’ve played 3rd a lot so my reaction time can’t be too bad. Nothing to work on imho. :wink:
And it’s true that you can land a simple j.HK if you mindfucked your opponent enough or he/she messes up his/her AA-move input.
But you can’t be sure if it hits or not. It stays pretty risky and as Akuma… blabla… you know what I want to say. :slight_smile:
And I don’t know how you do this, but whenever I want to cancel a normal into a special (so in this case it’s the decision between “c.HP xx hado” and “c.HP xx lk.tatsu”) I’m doing the motion (qcb or qcf) for the following special during the animation of the c.HP.
So the decision if it’s a qcf or a qcb comes too early for me to react. And I guess it’s the same for everyone else. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a cancel.
So you need a small hitconfirm at least imho.
But afaik there ain’t any crouching normal that gives +6 frame advantage and can combo/link into c.HP (like cl.s.LP).

Yeah I can hitconfirm with jabs but the problem is just too many decisions to make on jump in, even with the additional time granted by hit confirming 2x cr.lp. It’s like you have 30 different decision trees that you have to mentally navigate in about a half a second.

I. Jump in HK, DEEP
__A. Block High
____1. Cr.LK, Cr.LP, Cr.MP, LK Tatsu --> B&B
__B. Block High and Low
____1. Cr.LK, Cr.LP, tick throw
__C. Hit, Standing
____1. Cr. LK, Cr.LP --> B&B
__D. Hit, Crouching
____1. Cr. LK, Cr.LP, Cr. MP xx EX-Hado (or FADC combo which I can’t do reliably)

II. Jump in HK, Shallow
__A. Block High
____ 1. Walk up throw (optional cr. lp)
____ 2. Cr.MK xx Hado (if you’re close enough for it to combo)
____ 3. Block/Jump out/Teleport if fast enough
__ B. Hit, Standing
____ 1. cr.MK xx EX Hado/FADC Combo
____ 2. f.St.HK
______ a. Close: --> B&B
______ b. Far: -> hado/EX Hado (pray that your 1 frame link connects and that he isn’t mashing SRK)
__ C. Hit, Crouching
____ 1. f.St.HK
______ a. Close: --> B&B
______ b. Far: -> hado/EX Hado (pray that your 1 frame link connects and that he isn’t mashing SRK)

In the end, I end up jumping in with the exact same combo unless I know for a fact i’ll connect (dizzy/jumped over fireball):

–, 3x cr.lp, xx EX Hado. And of course, even plinking that shit, I only connect that 1 frame link like 50% of the time online. Sometimes I get the hit because they stop blocking when i screw up the link lol.

I should be connecting a B&B WAY more. Sometimes I feel like I’d do better overall just to do a blind B&B every time and hope for the best. Half of the players online can’t punish the whiffed lk tatsu anyway. :slight_smile: